Beige bedroom ideas – 10 calm and cozy schemes

Be inspired to embrace neutral decorating with these beige bedroom ideas

Beige bedroom ideas
(Image credit: Albion Nord / Nicole Franzen / Paul Raeside)

Beige bedroom ideas are perfect for those looking to create timeless, versatile spaces.

With its warm, earthy undertones, beige is a wonderful way to bring a soothing and restful feel to a space, so it's not a wonder it's a popular choice for bedrooms. A versatile shade with a spectrum stretching from creamy off-white to sandy hues, beige can be paired with a huge array of colors to create myriad looks from cool contemporary to classic country. Plus, as a neutral, it can make a brilliant backdrop for layering colorful furniture, prints and artwork as part of a more striking scheme.

Whether you're looking to create a calming pared-back space or a neutral base to build a characterful bedroom scheme, these ideas beige room ideas are guaranteed to get you inspired.

Beige bedroom ideas

In the past beige bedroom ideas have sometimes been labelled as drab, but according to the experts decorating with beige has made a comeback in recent years as we seek to bring the warm and grounding natural shades into our homes.

'Colors of nature, such as earthly beige and warm clay and all shades of green have been a firm favourite for the last seasons, however, over the past year nature has become even more important,' says Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown. 'The outdoors has been an escape, somewhere to go to recharge our batteries or even just take a break from everything. We now want to channel that feeling in our home too, with warm, cozy shades inspired by the natural world.'

Soothing and comforting, beige is a wonderful bedroom color idea for those looking to create calm spaces that will stand the test of time. It works particularly well layered with off-whites, greige and brown in neutral bedroom ideas, but can also be paired with bolder accent color ideas for a more vibrant look. 

1. Use beige to bring a cozy feel to large bedrooms

Parquet wood flooring in a bedroom

(Image credit: Paul Raeside)

Decorating with neutrals is a go-to technique for keeping bedrooms feeling restful, however, when it comes to large bedrooms with tall ceilings, white bedroom ideas and grey bedroom ideas can sometimes feel cold and uninviting. Instead, warmer shades such as beige will help bring the walls in to create a more cozy and intimate atmosphere as demonstrated in large main bedroom scheme in Laura Butler-Madden's renovated Georgian townhouse.

'Bedroom décor was an important consideration for Laura, and she chose to keep the master bedroom warm and cozy with Mylands Hoxton Grey No.72 . This soft, warm grey sits beautifully with the Pure White™ No.1 woodwork creating a sleek bedroom décor and a versatile backdrop for the rest of the room,' say the team at Mylands


2. Brighten up a beige bedroom with a statement headboard

Beige bedroom with a geometric patterned fabic headboard

(Image credit: Styling Kiera Buckley Jones / photograph Jake Curtis)

Adding a headboard idea covered in a bold fabric is an easy way to create a playful focal point in a beige bedroom. With its graphic shapes in a mix of black, cream and beige tones, this Reclaim Reversible Monochrome fabric from Kirkby design makes a statement while still adhering to the neutral palette.

'Our bedroom interiors should be as individual as the people that inhabit them. Don’t be afraid to choose a more outlandish style as this only adds more character,' says Martin Waller, founder of global design brand Andrew Martin. 'We no longer need artwork in bedrooms when we have a headboard shaped to elaborate perfection or upholstered in a bold-patterned fabric acting as a piece of artwork itself.'

3. Introduce plenty of texture

Beige bedroom

(Image credit: Interior by Salvesen Graham / photograph by Simon Brown)

Layering texture is important when decorating with neutrals to prevent spaces feeling lifeless, but it is even more so in a bedroom where coziness and comfort are essential. 

When designing the interiors for this townhouse, 'we wanted to utilise the architectural details that had been created, using more neutral colors so the features could speak for themselves,' says Nicole Salvesen, co-founder of the interior design specialists Salvesen Graham.  'When it’s a softer scheme with more fabric we would layer lots of different textures and neutral patterns on top of each other.'

4. Use light beige in a small bedroom to make a space feel bigger

Beige bedroom with a window seat designed by Thurstan

(Image credit: Thurstan Design)

When thinking about bedroom paint ideas it's important to factor in the size and orientation of a room. In small bedrooms which are north facing, a light beige will bring warmth and brighten up the space. In this scheme by Thurstan, bespoke built-in wardrobes have been painted in the same color as the walls to help them blend in and create the illusion of space. 

5. Bring warmth with earthy accent colors

Rustic bedroom with rattan table lamps from Oka

(Image credit: Oka)

Being warm and neutral, beige and stone shades pair well with earthy colors like rich terracotta, orange and red. Introducing these accent colors for beige through accessories like lampshades, cushions and throws is a quick way to cozy-up a bedroom and works particularly well in a rustic bedroom scheme.

‘This cottage was surrounded by countryside, so we wanted to complement its light and breezy atmosphere with nature-led accessories,' says Sue Jones, creative director of Oka.

'The starting point was the rattan table lamps; their hand-woven texture creates an inviting space with that all-important rustic touch. Comfort in a bedroom is paramount, so we layered the bed with cozy throws and added dashes of color with patterned cushions and rich red lampshades which tie the scheme together and bring a freshness to the space.’

6. Use brown as an accent color for beige

Beige bedroom by Albion Nord

(Image credit: Albion Nord)

Finding accent colors for beige is easy as it pairs well with so many colors, however, warm earthy tones such as brown work particularly well.

In this luxury bedroom idea by Albion Nord, brown is introduced through the dark wood frame of the headboard and in the cushions to help bring depth and structure to the scheme.

7. Choose a wallpaper with a delicate pattern

Beige bedroom with arts and crafts wallpaper

(Image credit: Project by And Studio / photograph by Nicole Franzen)

Whether used over all four walls or a feature wall, a bedroom wallpaper idea is a wonderful way to elevate a beige bedroom, but be careful not to choose a pattern that will disrupt the tranquil atmosphere. 

This small-scale floral design set on a neutral backdrop has a distinct arts and crafts decor feel and brings a pretty dose of gentle pattern to this guest bedroom designed by And Studio.

8. Take a cue from the architecture

Beige bedroom in Farrow & Ball's Stoney Ground

(Image credit: Sims Hildtich)

If you're lucky enough to have a bedroom with beautiful architectural features then a pared-back palette is a great way to show them off as demonstrated in this scheme by Sims Hilditch.

With its red undertones, Farrow & Ball's earth-toned Stony Ground beautifully complements the rustic wooden ceiling beams in this country bedroom, while the four-poster bed idea draws the eye upwards which also helps the beams stand out. 

9. Embrace natural materials

Beige bedroom with light wood wardrobe by Sebastian Cox

(Image credit: Project by House of Grey / photograph by Michael Sinclair)

Light, natural wood is a brilliant way to bring subtle texture into a beige bedroom. Not only that but it has health-giving properties and is practical, too: lining the interiors of any wardrobes with cedar wood is good for preventing moths. 

This fitted bedroom storage idea was designed in collaboration with Sebastian Cox and House of Grey and features doors made from a whitened English oak frame, woven with English ash.

Inside is a full selection of storage options including hanging rails, shelves and drawers. ‘Our selection of choice materials, such as ebonised oak, blackened ash and English cedar wood, all encourage easier breathing and improved air quality by moderating humidity,’ says designer Louisa Grey.

10. Use beige as a foundation for layering pattern and antiques

Bedroom with patterned fabrics and wallpaper

(Image credit: Penny Morrison photograph by Mike Garlick)

If you love decorating with antiques and printed fabrics as part of an eclectic bohemian decor scheme then try a warm beige as a base color.

For best results be sure to play with patterns in different scales as done in this space by Penny Morrison, and don't be afraid to mix different styles and eras. Here a large-scale medieval-inspired Begum wallpaper and hot reddish-pink lampshades, throws and cushions are tempered by the more delicate fabric of Ashok in duck egg, a repeat block-printed linen. 

What is a good accent color for beige?

Beige is a versatile, neutral which means it can be paired with almost any accent shade on the color wheel. Darker neutral colors such as black and brown work particularly well for those looking to keep a scheme neutral with depth. Alternatively, when it comes to bolder colors, warm earthy hues such as red, burnt orange and terracotta are a go-to pairing for beige, however, this does not mean that cooler blues should be ruled out says Justyna Korczynska, senior designer at Crown.

'Blue-toned greys such as Soft Steel or Pure Minerals by Crown work well when combined with beiges, as opposed to pure brilliant white, whose contrast may look too stark. As it’s a color inspired by a heritage palette, bluey grey and beige looks really elegant and sophisticated paired with wooden furniture – mid-tone wood would be preferable but dark shades can also enhance its moody look.'

What color curtains go with beige walls?

Wondering what color curtains go with beige walls? Choosing colorful curtains is a great way to bring personality to a beige bedroom, and luckily, as beige is a neutral color, the options are pretty much endless. 

Bedroom curtain ideas in warm, earthy colors such as terracotta, orange and red will create a contrast and add warmth, alternatively a deep navy or olive green could make a beautiful statement – consider a fabric with a subtle pattern or texture to ensure the drapes aren't too flat and dominating. If you're looking to keep the space calm then you can't go wrong with a cream, off-white or light blue.

Whichever color you choose, be sure to think carefully about the curtain material. Something with plenty of texture such as linen is a great way to bring a cozy feel to a beige bedroom.

'Curtains are an opportunity to bring a layer of softness and coziness to every room. You can introduce color and pattern on a large scale, and from which you can choose a complimentary paint color for the walls and co-ordinating fabrics for other upholstery in the scheme. I like to use loose floaty linens for a relaxed look and for more formal settings I use silks and velvets,' says Penny Morrison.

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