Rustic bedroom ideas – 10 ways to bring charming cottage style to your bedroom

Take rustic bedroom ideas into any space with our expert breakdown of how to recreate the look

Rustic bedroom ideas
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Rustic bedroom ideas are currently having a moment in the interior design spotlight – and for good reason. This interior decor trend strikes the perfect balance between cozy and homespun; like an escape to the countryside without leaving the city limits. 

Hoping to put some modern rustic ideas to work in your own bedroom? We've selected the essential aspects of rustic decor – these practical, expert-approved tips and ideas will ensure your home reflects the chic and modern aesthetic while still maintaining a warm, snug and understated appeal.

Rustic bedroom ideas

Whether you live in a rural home – or just love the rustic look – your bedroom ideas are the soothing heart of your decorating scheme. Here's how to introduce rustic bedroom ideas to your space with ease.

1. Layer texture in a rustic bedroom

Rustic attic bedroom

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If you're wondering how to design a bedroom with rustic charm the key is to layer up plenty of natural and tactile materials. This is especially important in white bedroom ideas – and neutral and monochrome schemes – which can run the risk of feeling flat and lifeless. Not only do layers of texture add visual interest they also help create a cozy space perfect for retreating to at the end of a hard day. 

For instant texture, try factoring adding tactile throws in natural fibres such as cotton velvet, shaggy sheepskin and chunky weaves. Alternatively, a muted deep pile carpet makes a great textural foundation to a rustic bedroom which will bring warmth and comfort underfoot, too.

A neutral color palette is best suited to rooms you spend a lot of time in, such as in a romantic bedroom, where relaxing tones are key to being happier at home,’ says Lisa Conway, residential marketing manager at Brintons. ‘The texture of the bedroom carpet is key to preventing a neutral scheme from looking dull. A soft woven wool carpet, layered with accessories in cashmere, mohair and linen will all work to soften a look and create an inviting scheme.’

2. Make a feature of rustic beams

Rustic bedroom with wooden beams

(Image credit: Amara)

If you are lucky enough to have a period home with rustic original beams, then why not embrace them as part of your traditional bedroom ideas

'Beautiful architectural features are what give period homes their unique character so should be persevered and highlighted within interior design wherever possible,' says Melanie Griffiths, editor of Period Living magazine.

Make these features the star of the show by keeping to a muted bedroom wall decor and bedroom color scheme, as demonstrated in this space by Amara. To finish the look complement the  beautiful weathered patina of the beams and add interest with layers of textural throws, from chunky cable knit designs to herringbone weaves.

3. Consider lighting

Rustic bedroom with rattan table lamps from Oka

(Image credit: Oka)

Rustic bedroom ideas often place an emphasis on hard floors and exposed walls, however, this look can leave rooms feeling cold – factoring in bedroom lighting ideas is important to make sure the space has a cozy, inviting atmosphere. Not only will these woven table lamps bring instant warmth, the rattan bases enhance the rustic feel of the space, while their spice-colored fabric shades will bring the warmth of exotic climes. 

‘When it comes to drawing inspiration for texture and color, there's no better place to look than the outside world. This cottage is surrounded by countryside, so we wanted to complement its light and breezy atmosphere with nature-led accessories,’ says Sue Jones, creative director and co-founder at Oka

‘The starting point was the rattan table lamps; their hand-woven texture creates an inviting space with that all-important rustic touch. Comfort in a bedroom is paramount, so we layered the bed with cozy throws and added dashes of color with patterned cushions and rich red lampshades, which work beautifully to tie the scheme together and bring a freshness to the space.’

4. Add softness with a statement upholstered bed 

Rustic bedroom with upholstered blue bed

(Image credit: Naturalmat for Homes & Gardens)

Stone masonry, solid wood floors and exposed timber rafters make beautiful country bedroom ideas but it's important to balance the them with softer elements in a bedroom to make the space conducive to relaxation and sleep. A luxurious upholstered bed frame is a brilliant way to achieve this look.

Regally poised with elegant sweeping curves this Rosemoor king-size bed from Naturalmat for Homes & Gardens makes a striking accent piece for a luxury bedroom idea. Handmade in Devon and padded with layers of locally sourced organic lambswool for supreme comfort, the design comes in an array of natural fibre fabrics – try a pastel duck egg shade for a restful scheme. 

'Rustic settings can make beautiful bedrooms but if you don't introduce a sense of comfort you may end up with a lingering feeling you are sleeping in a barn,' explains Mark Tremlett, Naturalmat founder. 'Choose a generously filled upholstered bed to insulate and create a style contrast with the bare walls. Upholstery and natural fillings are also good for acoustics and work well in rustic or industrial settings without carpet or drapes.'

5. Add in reclaimed and vintage pieces

weatherboarded rustic bedroom

(Image credit: Unique Home Stays)

Imbued with history and time-warn patinas, antique furniture and fixtures and fittings made from reclaimed materials are a brilliant way to inject character into rustic bedrooms. Consider paneling a wall in vintage timbers or make a statement with an ornate carved wooden bed as demonstrated in this space. 

Old picnic hampers, tea chests and luggage can be re-purposed to make great storage solutions. In this rustic space, old shoe lasts have been adapted into wall light fittings, which make for a playful guest bedroom idea

6. Choose a rustic woven rug

Rustic white bedroom

(Image credit: The White Company)

White-painted floorboards are guaranteed to make dark bedrooms feel brighter, more spacious and are a lovely bedroom flooring idea, however, they can leave spaces feeling stark and bare. For an easy layer of texture try adding in a rug woven from natural materials such as jute which will also provide a soft touch underfoot when you step out of bed. 

When designing a rustic bedroom, 'choose pieces that will add character and gentle texture, says Mark Winstanley of The White Company. 'I love natural materials and finishes such as timber and stone or softer elements such as sisal, sheepskin and wool.'

7. Try shiplap panelling

Weatherboarded white bedroom

(Image credit: Brent Darby)

Guaranteed to bring a rustic look to your bedroom, shiplap paneling can be a great way of adding texture and interest into a small bedroom. Used on a single wall it can help draw your eye distracting from the size of the space, plus, the vertical lines can accentuate the height, too – to keep the space feeling bright and airy yet cozy and cocooning choose a warm, off-white shade. 

It can often be hard to find bedroom storage ideas for small bedrooms, so why not consider utilizing the space under the bed and filling it with large woven storage baskets?

8. Invest in linen bedding

country bedroom

(Image credit: Steph Gowland/Bedfolk)

Bedding made from textural linen makes a beautiful finishing touch for a rustic bedroom. Displaying an elegant and relaxed feel, this bedding beautifully complements the varied grain of natural timber plus has plenty of practical and environmental benefits, too. Made from flax fibres, linen bedding is more breathable than synthetic materials which helps regulate body temperature whilst sleeping.

9. Introduce earhty tones

Make bedroom ceiling higher

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Decorating with neutrals are a classic choice for rustic bedrooms as they help focus attention on the character and patina of the surfaces within a space. While neutrals can bring an overall feeling of calm, experimenting with colorful bedroom ideas can be effective, too, as this space proves. 

Used over the bottom half of this wall panelling, Little Greene's Tuscan Red, helps to create a grounding and cocooning atmosphere in this space. With its bare floorboards and angular panelling, this space could run the risk of feeling cold, but the injection of a warm earthy pigment brings instant coziness to the room without overpowering the space.

'I love a natural palette to create a comforting, soothing scheme, use warmer, natural shades to create focal points through color blocking, to frame contrasting colors, or to zone a space by using interesting color proportions,' says Ruth Mottershead, creative director Little Greene. 'The warmth of ‘Tuscan red’ balanced with the ‘French Grey’ feels incredibly soothing here and works wonderfully with the addition of bare wood finishes and natural linen.'

10. Add a textural wallpaper

Bedroom with textured wallpaper

(Image credit: Arte)

Bedroom wallpaper ideas are a brilliant way to instantly change the look and feel of a space. Rustic bedrooms are all about texture, so rather than opt for a wallpaper with a bold print which can be hard to live with, why not take a pared-back approach with a rustic wallcovering such as this Twine design from Arte which mimics natural woven fibres in a Cameo colorway. 

What is a rustic bedroom?

The key design elements for a modern rustic bedroom are farmhouse-style furniture, neutral color palettes and textured pieces. If you are after a more classic feel, and want to enhance the rustic aesthetic, do consider wood flooring or wood beams on the ceilings. If you live in a relatively modern home, keep furnishings unfussy and opt for one or two key pieces –such as a sisal rug, rattan headboard or decorative wall sconces to further enhance a rustic bedroom.

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