11 bedroom wall decor ideas – essential ways to add interest to your scheme

Enhance a bland space with our curated selection of the best bedroom wall decor ideas

Best bedroom wall decor ideas
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Looking for the best bedroom wall decor ideas? Our curated selection of wall decor ideas for the bedroom will ensure that your walls sing out – everyday. 

Adding interest to your bedroom walls needn’t be confined to traditional methods either. As well as paint and wallpaper – decorative decals, panels, artwork, mirrors, murals and even ceramics are all stylish ways to make a statement. All of these bedroom ideas are sure ways to create character in a space, too.

Read on to discover the best bedroom wall decor ideas and inspiration, as chosen by the team at H&G.

1. Go for scaled-up art

Bedroom accent wall ideas with mural

(Image credit: Future / Katya De Grunwald)

Using bedroom wallpaper ideas is an ideal way to add pattern, texture and character to your bedroom. A mural filling a wall with a single dramatic image is a bold move, but it is a logical progression if you’ve already use pattern wallpapers. ‘A mural is a powerful tool for the adventurous,’ says Andy Grenall, head of design at Little Greene. Many mural designs are no available as wallpapers, making them easier to achieve. 

‘Three drops of paper that create a whole panel gives an instant uplift,’ says Andy. Try painting the surrounding walls in a complementary color taken from the mural.

2. Hang a wall tapestry above the bed

A sage green bedroom with hanging botanical tapestry

(Image credit: Future)

Do away with a traditional headboard and opt for something easy to change, but just as visually striking.

A clever alternative to investing in an oversized headboard is to choose bedroom accent wall ideas – something striking and eye-catching in size and mount an antique suzani wall hanging or tapestry on the wall above. This vibrant design by Lewis & Wood adds color and pattern to the scheme

3. Reflect light with a wall of mirrors

Bedroom lighting ideas oversized lamp white bedroom

(Image credit: Future / Richard Powers)

Mirrors are a wonderfully versatile design feature, adding instant glamor and interest, while maximizing light and boosting the sense of space.

Not only are mirrors great for reflecting light, they can also give you the opportunity to create a vignette, especially when hung as a gallery, creating a light-reflecting, space-enhancing focal point. 

Source an array of vintage styles from a local flea market or antique fair for a truly unique take on this trend.

4. Forgo a traditional headboard

Headboard ideas with entire wall covering

(Image credit: Future / Michael Sinclair)

Take a leaf out of 1970s American style – minus the psychedelic patterns, shag pile and hanging chair – and consider covering the entire wall behind the bed with a carefully constructed series of low-rise, upholstered panels in a graphic fabric. This look counters and softens the wood on the walls and floors. This is a timeless aesthetic that will last for years to come – and, in general, statement headboard ideas will create a stand-out look.

5. Introduce graphic pattern 

Best bedroom wall decor ideas with graphic wallpaper

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

A dark bedroom is a wonderful place to experiment with daring patterns and a dramatic color palette. We’ve mixed bold, contrasting geometrics with color and pattern to create a vibrant room scheme that is bursting with joie de vivre.

Graphic geometrics form the starting point of this scheme, with the monochrome tumbling block wallpaper and pastel rug. Keeping furniture simple allows for experimentation with florals, animal prints and spots for bedlinen and window treatments. Using a variety of scales will add to the visual impact.

Bedroom accent wall ideas Hannah Wilson

(Image credit: Hannah Wilson)

Maximize the impact of your favorite artwork with a few simple design tricks, and put added heart into your bedroom wall decor. 

Curate your own gallery wall above the bed by hanging artwork together as a cluster. Decide which paintings, prints or fabric will anchor the scheme then take your decorating cues from them. Here, a neutral color palette of beiges, taupes and mustard yellow tie to rest of the scheme together for a classic take on modern farmhouse style. 

7. Wallpaper with a tropical scene

Best bedroom wall decor ideas with tropical wallpaper

(Image credit: Future / Simon Bevan)

Even if you don't live in a balmy equatorial climate all year – that doesn’t have to stop you introducing a tropical feel to your bedroom wall decor. This season’s decorating is inspired by the global traveller’s expeditions, with a rich palette or nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger and ochre addicting warmth and depth to this main bedroom. A stand-out palm-print wallpaper will anchor the whole look of a room, and this hazy version is a new take on the classic green palm leaves.

8. Clash color and pattern for intrigue

Headboard ideas with bold color pairing

(Image credit: Future / Alecia Neo)

This children’s bedroom in Singapore-based interior designer Elizabeth Hay’s home is a masterclass in clashing patterns and interesting bedroom wall decor ideas. Matching a bedside lamp to a key piece of furniture – in this case, the headboard – brings the scheme together and makes the animal theme feel more sophisticated. 

Hay used a print called Small Elephant by Les Indiennes for the lamp and headboard, and mixed up the scale of patterns in the rest of the room for a vibrant effect. Having something of a moment this season – woven and rattan accessories – will be the cherry on the top for a scheme such as this. Don't be afraid to go big when it comes to bedroom wall decor.

9. Opt for decorative wall panelling 

Luxury bedroom with wall panelling

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Panelling brings warmth and interest to a room. Eminently cosseting, this scheme’s depth comes from an expertly composed blend of textures and colors. This fabric of the bespoke padded wall panels is inspired by straw marquetry, and their square shape, which brings structure to the scheme, is echoed in the future such as the chair and chest of drawers. 

‘If you are opting for a traditional hardwood panelling,’ says Brian Purnell, owner, Distinctive Country Furniture. ‘It is essential to commit to looking after it correctly. The very hot and dry atmospheres found in modern homes can cause damage, so it is worth trying to mitigate that by either keeping the heating set at a lower temperature in the panelled rooms or by introducing some humidity to the atmosphere.’

10. Install a standout bedroom canopy

Bedroom design inspired by grand Rajasthan interiors

(Image credit: Future / Chris Everard / Alyce Taylor)

Give bedroom wall decor a twist by investing in a statement canopy for your bed. This is a great way to add color and pattern without the commitment. 

Here, mimosa yellows and vibrant greens form the palette for this bedroom, with a canopy adorned with trims and fringing for those extra decorative touches. This is a bed made for daydreaming, away from the bustle and heat of the summer sun.

11. Create a colorful display in a BoHo bedroom

red bedroom wall with pattern headboard and colorful basket display on wall

(Image credit: Future / Alecia Neo)

This bedroom perfectly epitomizes the bohemian bedroom look. With an eclectic mix of styles, colors and patterns, all brought together in a very personal way for a warm and relaxed feel. 

The three fabrics on the bed, although all very different in color, scale, texture and material, all sit happily side by side. The reds and pinks of the wall and fabrics ground the scheme and hold all the disparate elements together, allowing the clashing lime bolster and wonderfully woven wallhanging baskets on display to add stand out, adding character and individuality to the room.

What should I hang on my bedroom wall?

Whether it’s wallpaper, paint or textural finishes, changing just one wall in your bedroom can bring character to your space. 

A feature wall can also be a three-dimensional display, with all components combining to create a harmonious whole. There are a multitude of ways to enhance a bland wall with interesting bedroom wall decor ideas. We always recommend hanging up your favorite pieces, be that antique mirrors, treasured objects or much-loved artwork. Use colors and patterns that mirror the rest of the room for a truly cohesive aesthetic.

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