Bedroom accent wall ideas – 10 ways to create a feature wall

Let your bedroom accent wall do all the talking with these stunning feature wall ideas

Bedroom accent wall ideas featuring round wicker decor in a neutral scheme with bright green and blue accents and drapes.
(Image credit: Tim D Coy)

Our pick of the best bedroom accent wall ideas will ensure that your wall decor sings out. 

Think outside the box – as well as traditional bedroom feature wall ideas like paint and wallpaper, panels, artwork, murals and even ceramics are all characterful ways to pack a punch.

From contemporary artwork and boldly painted walls, to transfers and decorative plate collections, feature walls can really do the talking when it comes to bedroom ideas. A statement bedroom accent wall is a look that is both artful and relaxed, and it’s a great way to inject personality and a touch of modernity into a space. 

The key to successful wall decor for bedrooms is to decorate in a way that has meaning to you, whether that’s using a favorite hue as a backdrop to family art or collating treasured ceramics for a 3D effect.

Bedroom accent wall ideas

These bedroom accent wall ideas will inspire you to create the feature wall of your dreams and think outside the box when it comes to wall decor.

1. Introduce character with wall paneling

Bedroom accent wall ideas with square, modern wall panelling behind a bed with large blue headboard and mustard yellow throw.

(Image credit: Future / Paul Raeside)

Add character with wall panelling in the main bedroom. An ideal way to introduce architectural interest and wow factor, panelling can provide additional insulation, cover uneven walls, and even hide unsightly radiators. 

'Many of the rooms that we design include panelling, says Bruce Hodgson, founder and creative director at Artichoke. ‘It has both aesthetic and practical benefits.’ 

As well as acting as a beautiful accent wall idea for a bedroom, panelling also brings warmth to a room. And it doesn't just have to be made from wood to look impressive. Here, a fabric-backed panel behind the headboard offers an extra dimension of luxury and interest to the main bedroom.

2. Make a statement with a wall mural

Bedroom accent wall ideas with a green and white forest painted mural, white skirting board and slim metal console table.

(Image credit: Future / Katya De Grunwald)

Using a mural to fill a wall with a single dramatic image is a bold move, but it is a logical progression if you’ve already used patterned bedroom wallpaper ideas. ‘A mural is a powerful too for the adventurous,’ says Andy Greenall, head of design at Little Greene

Many mural designs are now available as wallpapers, making the look quick and easy to achieve if you know how to wallpaper. ‘Three drops of paper that create a whole panel gives an instant uplift,’ says Andy. Try painting the surrounding walls in a complementary color taken from the mural.

3. Expose a brick wall

An exposed brick bedroom accent wall in a pale gray scheme with white bedlinen and black anglepoise lamps either side of the bed.

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Let the natural character of your bedroom shine through with exposed brickwork on a feature wall to add charm and authenticity to your decorating scheme. Practical and purposeful, a bare brick wall psychologically has a naturally warm feeling –perfect if you are looking for cozy bedroom ideas.

When choosing which wall to expose, consider that it can be a pretty bold statement so it works to stick to one wall or a section of a wall – such as behind a bed – to bring rich warmth and an industrial nod to the style.

4. Use paint to create a bedroom accent wall

A yellow painted bedroom feature wall idea with antique rattan bed and wooden bedside table and a triptych of paintings above the bed.

(Image credit: Future / Mel Yates)

Paint one wall a different shade to change the mood of your bedroom and 
inject personality with bedroom accent wall paint ideas. Go bold and choose a high-impact color to make a statement in the room. A feature wall is easy to repaint when you fancy a change, so you can be brave with your bedroom color ideas

Yellow inspires optimism, creating a summery feel; team it with charcoal and black for a modern look, or pair this color with glorious antiques and wood furniture for a truly traditional scheme.

Above the bed decor ideas are always a wonderful way to enhance your scheme, with art being the easiest and most effective of options.

5. Get arty with wall decals and painted details

Bedroom accent wall ideas with wall decal

(Image credit: Future / Davide Lovatti)

Removable wall stickers, decals and art painted directly onto a wall also make a statement. Once a flexible alternative to children's bedroom wallpaper, recent design advances make them ideal for grown-up schemes too. 

There are several types available, from colorful options to sophisticated silhouettes, elegant monochromes, modern graphics and adhesive chalkboard.

6. Invest in artwork as an bedroom wall accent

A gallery bedroom accent wall with square prints above a four poster bed in a traditional, neutral bedroom scheme with pale blue drapes and creamy yellow and pale pink accents.

Interior design / Margaret Ash, Margaret Ash Design & Home

(Image credit: Tim D Coy)

If a full revamp isn't on the cards, then consider incorporating gallery wall ideas into your scheme and hanging up easily changeable artwork instead. 

In this room by Margaret Ash of Margaret Ash Design & Home, the designer mirrors the color of the frames on the curtains, cushions and throw for a unified, cohesive look.

‘Size and proportion are important when it comes to wall art in general,’ advises Deborah Heath of Design By Deborah. ‘Ideally you would accessorize one wall, grouping items so that they work together and not as a random collection.' 

7. Make a feature of an unusual window

Unusual, wood framed windows across the corner of a cream bedroom with wooden bed and pale white and blue linen.

(Image credit: Lauren Moore)

An accent wall doesn't have to be purely decorative. Here, the original windows in this 1905 Craftsman house do all the talking. 

Designed by Jamie Haller, the first thing you are struck by as you enter this bedroom is the view. A full wall of original Craftsman character windows overlook Echo Park Lake and capture the most perfect sunsets.

8. Curate a masterful display

Round ceramics acting as a bedroom accent wall idea above a white and green bed with blue accessories and lampshades either side.

(Image credit: Tim D Coy)

We’re used to seeing a collection of plates on display, or a gallery wall made up of artwork and objects as a typical way to liven up empty walls. However, bringing together just one item, such as a grouping of woven wall platters and baskets, adds impact in its simplicity.

In this bedroom by Margaret Ash Design, the natural texture and pattern brings a white bedroom to life and the grouping gracefully defines the bed.

9. Evoke intrigue with a wall hanging

Bedroom accent wall ideas with a pink and green botanical tapestry in a pale green room with pale pink and green accents.

(Image credit: Future / Polly Wreford)

‘Headboards are a great way to introduce drama. They can be used as an artwork in a bedroom and provide a chance to show off beautiful designs,’ says Kit Kemp, co-owner and creative director, Firmdale Hotels

A clever alternative to investing in an overscaled headboard is to choose a bed that is plain and modest in size and mount an antique suzani wall hanging or tapestry on the wall above. This vibrant design by Lewis & Wood adds color and pattern to the scheme.

10. Use a room's existing features

A modern wood and mirrored bedroom scheme with gray-brown headboard and white bedlinen.

(Image credit: Future / Simon Brown)

Redundant chimney breasts can be expensive (and sometimes impossible) to remove, yet they present a problem in terms of taking up valuable space for a bed. 

One solution is to integrate the chimney breast into a design that covers the entire wall behind the bed. Niches can be used to create useful bedroom storage ideas such as built-in shelves, incorporate lighting and disguise radiators. 

Using one material on a whole wall can make the room look hotel-like, so mix things up: in this scheme, mirrored glass reflects light around the room while a cross-grill section over the radiator adds another element. 

These details are offset with softer materials, including an upholstered headboard, chunky weave bedding and smooth velvet carpet.

Which wall should be the accent wall in a bedroom?

It only takes one wall to give a room the wow factor. Generally your bedroom accent wall will be the one you see first when entering a room, but you could choose one behind a key piece of furniture such as behind the bed or dressing table. 

An accent wall needn't just be decorative. Bedroom feature wall ideas might include a wall of windows or a wall dominated by a creative headboard idea. And sometimes it's nice to choose an accent wall that's a surprise – so hidden from the doorway or reflected in a large mirror.

How can I add an accent wall?

Interior designer Deborah Heath of Design By Deborah suggests grouping pictures, mirrors or photographs together, but think outside the box too. 

‘Try hanging plates, hats, ceramics and memorabilia such as old sports equipment or collections of precious items that can be easily attached to a vertical surface. A display like this can also be updated regularly and more easily than undertaking complete redecoration.’ 

There’s a trend for increasingly textured walls too. As well as polished concrete surfaces, moulded plaster panels in a variety of shapes and patterns are also making an appearance. They look effective when used in tandem with bedroom lighting ideas and lit subtly from different directions, and also work well in contemporary settings.

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