King Charles uses this smart 'best-selling' air purifier to keep him and his guests cool in Buckingham Palace

The monarch turned to a cult-favorite purifier to improve the air quality in the famous royal residence

King Charles
(Image credit: Photo by AARON CHOWN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

Buckingham Palace is an interior design wonderland. Filled with antique and historical artifacts and decor, the London property is the quintessential royal estate. 

We were intrigued to realize, then, that King Charles III is a fan of an ever-popular home accessory brand – yes, the King is a Dyson owner.

A recent image of the King sitting alongside British Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt in the private audience room at Buckingham Palace features plenty of interesting details, from framed paintings to stone statues. But it's the Dyson hot + cool purifier that stands out, modernizing (and cleaning) the space. 

King Charles III

King Charles III and Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt at Buckingham Palace

(Image credit: Photo by Aaron Chown - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

There are a lot of purifiers out there on the market, so why is this one fit for royalty?

'Dyson air purifiers and fans have always been impressive and challenging to defeat by competitor products, so it's not surprising you can spy one in the back of this image,' explains Top Ten Reviews editor Caroline Preece, who previously reviewed the royal-approved air purifier for H&G.

Caroline Preece
Caroline Preece

Caroline is the Deputy Editor of Top Ten Reviews. Joining Future at the start of 2021, she has since served her time across all of the company’s home titles, including Real Homes, Ideal Home, Livingetc, and Homes & Gardens. Caroline has spent years testing out products for the home, which she trials in her cozy one-bedroom basement apartment in Suffolk, UK. She’s passionate about helping people choose the very best appliances, tech, and anything else that might make their lives easier, more cost-efficient, or just more fun. 

The pure + cool model is a workhorse, taking on the role of both an air conditioner and space heater, along with purifying the air. In a royal residence that sees many high profile guests coming and going, it's a no-brainer.

'The appliances offer a 3-in-1 service - they cool, heat, and purify your air all at once, and, in my experience, the air purification feature is always top-notch during allergy season and quickly gets rid of any unwanted pollutants that invade your space,' Preece explains. 'Perfect for the health-conscious among us.'

The best part? The temperature settings are adjustable, so the appliance can be used all year round (beyond the cold winter season). 

'The heating feature is customizable, so you can set the temperature precisely what you want, which helps save energy when it's chilly outside,' she says.

It' also can be controlled by app or voice, and contains powerful 'Air Multiplier' technology to purify and heat the entire room.

The royal-approved Dyson Pure Hot + Cool is available from the brand's website and retails for $749.99. We can also invest below.

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