Kylie Jenner's sofa color is a cozy twist to the warm neutral trend – here's how she pulls off this pared-back aesthetic

The makeup guru reinvents a familiar interior trend that's going to be huge in 2024 with an innovative couch color

Kylie Jenner
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Known for their love of minimalist fashion and interiors, the Kardashian family has long been at the forefront of the warm neutrals trend, and Kylie Jenner is no exception.

Recently, Kylie took to Instagram to share pictures with her sister, Kendall Jenner, and her mom, Kris Jenner, and we couldn't help but notice one piece of furniture in the back corner: Kylie's mushroom-colored sofa. The deep, grayish-tan shade adds dimension to the socialite's beige living room, providing an important lesson in monochromatic decorating.

Interior designers explain that Kylie's living room sofa is a powerful way to decorate with neutrals. Brooke Spreckman, founder and principal of Design Hutch, says that her number one tip for decorating with beige is to 'use a lot of different shades and textures of beige.' 

kylie jenner

Image Credit: @kyliejenner on Instagram

(Image credit: @kyliejenner on instagram)

Brooke continues, 'If you're going for a monochromatic and neutral look, use different beige textures, and layer in various beige tones to make your space feel more curated and unique. It's best to use a variation of tones and go up and down the scale of tones if you plan on using a lot of neutrals.'

 Brooke Spreckman
Brooke Spreckman

Principal and Owner of Design Hutch Interior Design, Brooke Spreckman has been practicing Interior Design since 2013 in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York and beyond; and has a diverse background in residential and commercial design.

On the subject of the beige living room, Zarah O'Hare, interior design consultant at Land of Rugs, adds: 'To keep the room looking interesting, I recommend combining beige with other similar shades such as taupe, cream, and tan. This helps to add more life to the beige color by creating a contrast.' We see this effect in Kylie's living room, where the tan sofa adds visual interest to the space.

kylie jenner

Image Credit: @kyliejenner on Instagram

(Image credit: Image Credit: @kyliejenner on Instagram)

She continues on the lessons to be taken from Kylie's space: 'The key to decorating with beige is to use plenty of contrast; that can be through different textures, color, and lighting to make the beige more lively and interesting. Make sure to pay attention to the patterns, accents, and textures that you layer together.'

Kylie further creates contrast by using a boucle texture on her sofa, a technique that interior designers swear by. Brooke states: 'I find it important, no matter what color you are using, always to have a contrast between different materials when they are layered on top of each other. The texture is important, too - it will keep a solid neutral color, like beige, from falling flat. Texture can be key to keeping things interesting.'

Zara adds, 'When I am decorating with beige, I always make sure that I am adding a variety of textures and accessories. You can use soft throws, woven baskets, rugs, and various other decorations to keep the room from looking boring.'

Contrast in a neutral living room is absolutely essential, and Kylie Jenner perfectly captures the look. More mushroom-colored sofas in 2024 please!

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