Martha Stewart arranges her stunning spring blooms using this expert-approved styling technique

Martha Stewart's tulips are amplified in beauty, in part thanks to her careful placement and vessel

Martha Stewart
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It's official: we are in tulip season. These beloved blooms are the ultimate spring fleur, with bulbs that were planted in the fall coming into beautiful fruition via pink, yellow, and purple petals. Conveniently, they are also a great way to (naturally) spruce up interior spaces, whether they are placed on a dining table or in the kitchen.

Flower (and home) expert Martha Stewart has opted to place her pink tulips in her home's entryway, and they look magnificent – in part, thanks to their careful placement in a glass vase.

Arrangement is a crucial aspect of flower display; their positioning can (literally) heighten their appearance and make them look bold or demure.

'One of the great joys of planning a cut flower garden is filling your home with colorful and fragrant vases of flowers,' says Thom Rutter, H&G's Gardens Content Editor. 'As Martha Stewart shows, spring blooms can be cleverly arranged to dramatic effect, adding impact and scent to the home.'

One of the perks of displaying flowers indoors rather than outdoors, is that it allows for close inspection (and appreciation) by guests.

'As a gardener, growing tulips in the backyard that can then be displayed and admired indoors is a wonderful feeling,' he says. 'I find that arranging spring flowers indoors allows you to admire them in more detail, and this is particularly true of tulips and snowflakes, as can be seen in the image taken by Martha Stewart. The pink parrot tulips, that Martha is fond of, have an attractive ruffled edge and detailed markings, best seen up close.'

Bouquet of pink and blush tulips on a wooden tray

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In addition to water changes and plant food, the vase tulips are held in is key to ensuring their longevity.

'When thinking about how to care for tulips in a vase, it is advisable to use a vessel with a narrow neck, as Martha Stewart has done so, which will prevent tulips from drooping,' Rutter suggests. 'Finally, remember to change the water in your vase every 2 days, which will prevent bacteria from building up, and prolong the life of your spring flowers.' They're a beautiful way to make a seasonal first impression in an entryway, like Stewart's, but also look great on a kitchen countertop or on a bedside table. With the blooms, we really can't go wrong. 

Thomas Rutter
Thomas Rutter

Thomas is a Content Editor within the Gardens Team at Homes and Gardens. He has been working as a gardener and garden writer for several years. Whilst completing his Horticultural Traineeship at the Garden Museum, London, he was able to gain experience at many of the UK's world famous gardens, including Sissinghurst, Lowther Castle and Iford Manor. Following this, he worked for two private estates in Tuscany, Italy. During this time, he developed expertise regarding practical gardening and growing in dry and hot climates. He has managed kitchen gardens and cut flower gardens, providing food and flowers to be enjoyed on a daily basis. Encouraging others to grow, even on a very small scale, is important to him.

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