Martha Stewart's 'romantic' larkspurs are perfect for summer – and experts say they work both inside and outside the home

From a vase in our living room to a planter on our patio – Stewart's seasonal larkspur makes a cottage garden-inspired statement in every sized space

(Image credit: Pierre Suu/GC Images via GettyImages)

Martha Stewart's garden is a treasure trove of flora and fresh produce, serving as a constant inspiration for our own planting ideas. As the seasons change and progress, so too does Stewart's Instagram page and blog, which we keep (literal) tabs on.

Her latest venture comes in the form of brilliant, purple blooms. 'Gorgeous flowers are blooming in my gardens such as these purple and lavender larkspurs.' Stewart states in the caption of her recent Instagram post.

A member of the delphinium family, experts say that larkspurs are a gorgeous flower to grow at home, and also come in a few color variations.

'Larkspurs are romantic cottage garden plants that are hard to beat when grown in the yard,' says gardens content editor at Homes & Gardens, Thom Rutter. 'As Martha Stewart shows, tall flowering stems of lavender, pink, and white are right now filling borders, containers, and meadows with striking colors, often seen buzzing and humming with pollinators who adore these nectar-rich flowers.'

Larkspurs are truly a seasonal flower; as Rutter explains, these blooms don't last beyond a few months, but with proper care and attention, it makes their short lives very worth it.

'When considering how to grow larkspur, it is vital to remember while they are in the same genus - plant family - as delphiniums, larkspurs are different plants,' he explains. 'Larkspurs, or Consolida ajacis, are some of the best annual flowers, meaning that they germinate, grow, bloom and die all within one season. The delphiniums that most gardeners will know and love, with big and bold pale blue blooms, tend to be biennials or short-lived perennials.'

Proper conditions are crucial to a larkspur's growth. As such, Rutter recommends a few key practices in order to maintain these elegant flowers and ensure they grow to their full potential.

'Many different larkspur varieties look good in a flower garden or when placed in a vase indoors,' he says. 'These plants typically need a sunny spot with moist but well-draining soil, and with regular deadheading, these blooms can last long into the fall. One of my favorite larkspur varieties is Consolida ajacis 'Misty Lavender' - which produces delicate lilac-purple blooms on tall stems, a real showstopper when planted in the yard.'

For those with ample garden space like Stewart, we can't picture any better location for larkspurs than a wide, open field.

Hannah Ziegler
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