Nancy Meyers adorned her neutral coffee table with these specific peonies – and we can display them in the same way

The filmmaker is known for her cozy and comforting interiors, and her latest home photo proves that flowers can truly brighten up any space

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Nancy Meyers may be a filmmaker by trade, but her influence on interiors is not to be understated. The acclaimed rom-com director has developed a cult following surrounding the cozy and chic homes she features in her movies. This has translated into many keeping a watchful eye on her own home design via her Instagram page (ok, we are guilty as well).

Her latest Instagram has given us some floral inspiration, with a beautiful arrangement of pink peonies on display (she gets hers specifically from Trader Joe's, FYI). With voluminous petals and a vibrant hue, we are eager to recreate this bouquet in our own homes.

Peonies are popular petals for a reason; as evident in Meyers' photo, they are simply breathtaking yet demure flowers, that look beautiful in practically any room, from the living space to the kitchen. However, experts say that there is a tight window that peonies thrive in.

'Gardeners and homeowners adore large, fragrant peony blooms, and it is easy to see why,' Gardens Content Editor at Homes & Gardens, Thom Rutter states. 'Whether grown in the yard or placed in a vase, these romantic flowers cannot be ignored. Peony season is, however, sadly coming to an end. Peony growers in the US and Europe have revealed to Homes & Gardens that high rainfall this year will mean that the plentiful supply of homegrown peonies will soon be coming to an end. For this reason, peony fans should enjoy these cut flowers now while they are available. '

For the fresh, fully-bloomed appearance, Rutter recommends some easy-to-follow prep and maintenance tips.

'When considering how to keep flowers fresh in a vase, it is always best to change the water every 3 days, refilling your vase with fresh, lukewarm water,' he states. 'This simple step can help to improve the longevity of your peony flowers, extending their vase life by up to a week.'

Placement is also crucial to peonies' survival in the home; particularly for those with big windows, or anyone who lives in a warm and sunny climate.

'I would also suggest keeping cut flower vases away from direct sunlight or warm rooms,' Rutter says. 'Placing your vase in a cool, partially shaded spot, on the kitchen table perhaps, can also help to keep them looking good for longer.'

Hannah Ziegler
News Editor

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