Natasha Lyonne's spiral staircase reminds us why this functional piece deserves more attention

As one of the main focal points upon walking into a house, staircases deserve to take center stage – starting with Natasha's LA abode

Natasha Lyonne
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With her distinct voice and immediately recognizable fiery hair, Natasha Lyonne knows how to make a statement. It turns out this bold presence carries over into her own home – a photo on the Poker Face star's Instagram page reveals a bird's eye view of a stunning, winding staircase in her foyer.

Staircases are, of course, mainly a functional element of a house, but designers believe that their appearance and style should be considered with as much thought as any other major home focal point. 

'When designing or renovating an entryway, it's vital to design a staircase that maximizes the space available to you and allows for as much light as possible to stop the space feeling too dark or enclosed,' note Amit Malhotra and Sara Ripamonti, founders of interior and architectural studio Aflux Designs.

Amit Malhotra and Sara Ripamonti
Amit Malhotra and Sara Ripamonti

Aflux Designs founders, Amit & Sara, share the same passion for design and customer service. With over 17 years combined experience in interior design and the London house renovation business with homeowners and developers alike, they have developed a strong customer orientated company delivering many different projects in London, varying greatly in size, style and budget. The diverse work experience they have developed throughout the years combined with their personal qualifications as an Interior Designer graduated from Milan (Sara) and project manager with an ACA qualification (Amit), allows them to provide a fresh and personalised service to clients, anticipating their needs and guaranteeing the best possible experience with builders and third parties.

A sweeping, spiral staircase like Natasha's requires plenty of space, so if you're working with a smaller entryway, the staircase design should follow suit. 

'You may not be able to achieve your preferred shape, but if you opt for a bespoke staircase, it can be tailored to your specifications, Amit and Sara say. 'For example, if your entryway is on the smaller side, choose a design that helps create a feeling of space – such as a cantilever design that allows light through each of the treads. If you’re hoping for the staircase to be more of a feature, opt for a curved or spiral staircase to enhance your hallway.'

Materials are a crucial part of a staircase's appearance - whether your home is sleek and modern or rustic and restored, the stairs should seamlessly fit into the rest of the home. 

'Think about both practicality and preferred style,' Amit and Sarah suggest. 'For example, wood is extremely versatile, hardwearing, and timeless – plus it can be painted in a variety of colors, meaning it is easier to adapt over time if your style changes. However, glass allows more light to travel through it, but it can be more maintenance, especially with a young family.'

We'll consider this as our reminder that, sometimes, architectural features are the talking point of a room. And if we're fortunate enough to have a curved staircase, what more could we possibly want in our entryway?

Hannah Ziegler
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