The ‘pinkest house in the world’ – this self-proclaimed ‘pinkaholic’ has been on the Barbiecore trend since 1980

A look inside Kitten Kay Sera's fabulous home reveals even more pink than can be seen on the set of Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling's Barbie film

(Image credit: Future)

 Since the announcement of the Greta Gerwig-directed Barbie film starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, ‘Barbiecore’ interiors have been trending across social media. Kitten Kay Sera was way ahead of the curve with her all-pink home.

Affectionately referred to as ‘the pink lady of Hollywood,’ Kitten Kay Sera has turned heads for the past 30 years with her all-pink fashion and interior design. Most recently, she and her girl-band Pinktastic Plastixx released a single with an impressively pink music video. A quick scroll through the iconic personality’s Instagram will leave no questions about her favorite color. A self-proclaimed ‘pinkacholic,’ Kitten has hot pink hair, a hot pink dog, and ‘the pinkest house in the world’ according to HGTV.

'Barbiecore’ is the most fabulous design movement of the summer. Its central tenets are fun and whimsy – basically, anything you could find in the Barbie universe goes. The hottest color trend inspired by the Barbiecore look? Pink.

But Kay Sera’s house gives the Barbie Dream House a run for its money. Interior photos of Kitten’s house reveal the holy grail of hot pink home decor. All of the walls, all of the floors, and all of the fixtures are finished with the influencer’s favorite vibrant hue. 

Her bedroom is a pink lover’s dream, with a bright rounded pink leather bed covered in a cozy pink faux fur blanket, a pink vanity and a nostalgic hot pink rotary phone. The kitchen of the Los Angeles home is complete with pink countertops, and a pink stove and a pink dishwasher. My favorite is the bathroom, featuring chiffon curtains alongside a pink bathtub, pink toilet, and fuzzy bath rug. Kitten Kay Sera doesn’t miss a detail, and even the toilet paper in her Barbiecore bathroom is hot pink.

If you want to recreate the look in a more manageable way, remember Barbiecore does not need to be dramatic to make an impression. By using light pink paint and artfully placed pink details, you can decorate with pink in an unassuming fashion.

Sophie Edwards
News Editor

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