EXCLUSIVE: SNL alum Rachel Dratch shares how she keeps her NYC apartment feeling zen with American Home Shield

The hustle and bustle of big city life is no match for Rachel Dratch's whimsical decor and muted color palette

Rachel Dratch
(Image credit: American Home Shield)

Sometimes, it can be challenging to find humor in home repairs – particularly ones that are stressful or drawn out. Lucky for us, Saturday Night Live alum Rachel Dratch is bringing some laughter to the world of home improvement. The former "Debbie Downer" has partnered with home warranty company American Home Shield to shed light on home stability, and in true comedic fashion, she has done so through a blissed-out character called Warrantina. 

We recently caught up with Dratch, who has been spending much of her time lately in the studio recording her podcast, Woo Woo, to find out how she maintains her own home and keeps it feeling as serene as possible. As expected, her approach is as practical as it is lighthearted.

Dratch resides in New York City with her family, and she tells us that the hustle and bustle of big city life was the impetus for partnering with American Home Shield. The company founded the home warranty industry in 1971 and has been leading the way ever since, so it makes sense that she turned to them for a stress-free warranty system.

'I aspire to be the person who has the dinner party and has the perfect home, but I'm really not [naturally] that person,' she explains. 'So this appeals to me, a service that can make us zen out. I feel like I live like whack-a-mole, trying to control my environment.'

In a city where square footage is a hot commodity, Dratch says that clutter is inevitable, but embracing it à la clustering can help mitigate the anxiety around cleaning.

'I've joked to my friends, that sometimes it looks like an art director came in and made it really messy,' she says. 'Like, 'Let's put a sock on the kitchen counter.' Sometimes it feels very art-directed in the wrong way, so I'm always trying to master my chaos.'

When asked about a standout piece in her home that brings a sense of joy and humor to her space, she shouts out a close friend and former colleague from her SNL days, who gifted her an item now hanging in her living room.

'Amy Poehler gave me a tea towel sort of thing,' she tells us. 'It says "How to speak Spanish." It's really old and has these cute little drawings on it, and that's framed. I love that little piece because it's kind of whimsical – I like some whimsy thrown in.'

Though she loves color in large and more remote spaces, Dratch also suggests that those living in noisy or metropolitan areas embrace minimalist decor ideas and decorating with neutrals.

'I feel like in New York, you have so many stimuli happening, that I like to go in and have things kind of chill in New York – I wouldn't want that [much] color and in my New York apartment,' she says. 

Listen to Woo Woo with Rachel Dratch on all major podcast streaming platforms, and discover more about American Home Shield's services here.

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