Reese Witherspoon's kitchen's 'fifth wall' has a sophisticated twist – and it could improve her house value

The actress opted for a rare ceiling alternative, and experts say it has qualities beyond its escapist aesthetic

Reese Witherspoon
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When decorating a kitchen, the ceiling, or rather, the 'fifth wall,' may often go unnoticed. However, the effect of a well-designed ceiling is one of the most powerful things we can do for our space – as Reese Witherspoon demonstrates. 

The Legally Blonde actress created a quietly luxurious kitchen complete with an array of notable design quirks – from the powder blue cabinets to the white marble island and countertops that pair beautifully with the aforementioned dusty hue. It is her mosaic kitchen ceiling, however, that is our most favorite feature to date. 

The mosaic-style patterned ceiling is, in many ways, subtle, but it simultaneously brings just the right amount of interest to the otherwise pared-back space. Rather than incorporating patterns through her backsplash (as most would understandably do with kitchen tiles), Witherspoon has drawn all eyes to the ceiling. It's a rare but sophisticated look that, experts say, has its aesthetic qualities, but it may discreetly help improve our house value, too. 


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'Mosaic art has an extraordinary ability to evoke a sense of timelessness and sophistication in any space. When strategically incorporated into property design, mosaics create a visual narrative that resonates with potential buyers,' comments Chady Tawil, the CEO of Mozaico.

'The uniqueness and artistry of mosaic installations not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also elevate the value of a property. Each tile tells a story, and when that story is interwoven with the story of a home, it transforms it into an alluring masterpiece that commands attention and inspires higher resale prices.'

Incorporating mosaics, especially on the ceiling, is one of the most transformative things we can do for a room, but, as Tawil explains, there is perhaps no more impactful place than the kitchen

'When it comes to increasing home resale value, the strategic placement of mosaic art can be a game-changer. Our experience has shown that integrating mosaic tiles into areas within a property can yield impressive results. For instance, incorporating mosaic tile art in the kitchen can yield a remarkable five to ten percent increase in your property's overall value,' she comments. 

Creating a mosaic ceiling is not without its challenges, but following Witherspoon's lead has its benefits whether we're selling or not. Alternatively, beyond our ceilings, Tawil says that other forms of mosaic, for example, on our kitchen backsplash, have the potential to enhance our home's worth by up to ten percent.

'These percentages aren't just numbers; they reflect the profound impact that carefully chosen and placed mosaic art can have on a potential buyer's perception of a property. It's all about creating a unique narrative through artistic expression that resonates with individuals on an emotional level, thereby elevating the desirability and worth of a home in today's competitive real estate market.'

Mosaics aside, we can tap into Witherspoon's space with a beautiful blue paint, similar to this one from Backdrop below.

Silver Lake Dad paint sample| $6.00 at Backdrop

Silver Lake Dad paint sample| $6.00 at Backdrop

This soothing tone is the perfect example of what happens when gray meets green. Alongside its good looks, we love this shade is easy to apply and seamlessly washable. We also love that Backdrop is a sustainable paint brand so we can order our samples with confidence. 

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