Selena Gomez's outdoor seating is an incentive to invest in simple yet stylish pieces for the summer

Outdoor furniture, when thoughtfully curated, can be just as significant as an indoor living space

Selena Gomez
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It's nearly patio season, and with it comes time to revamp our outdoor spaces. While filling our shopping carts for the upcoming warm weather, we stumbled upon none other than Selena Gomez's outdoor chairs, which she posted in a photo dump on her Instagram page.

The actor and singer has opted for black, woven seating (as seen in the fourth photo of the post), which looks especially chic in contrast to beige cushions. 

So, how can we follow suit? There are several factors to keep in mind when investing in patio and general outdoor furniture. First and foremost, climate is a determining consideration. Much like plants, furniture can either thrive or falter in the sun or rain.

'When buying outdoor furniture, the number one priority is purchasing items that will be durable in – that means waterproof, UV-protected pieces if it frequently rains, or hardwoods and rust-proof aluminum if it is extremely hot,' says Homes & Gardens' digital editor, Jennifer Ebert. 'If you live in a cooler climate, try wicker furniture. This style has transcended design trends for centuries, so of course, it will look great this summer, too.'

It's also crucial to consider land size; a large area vs. a small one will dictate the type of furniture that is suitable.

'When it comes to choosing the size of furniture for your outdoor space, it’s always important to keep in mind the size of your space and that the biggest size is not always best,' adds Jonny Brierley, CEO at Moda Furnishings. 'Choosing modular furniture is a very good option as it has the flexibility to fit into all sizes of spaces.'

Finally, personal design preferences should be factored in as well so that the space is not only functional but adjusted to taste.

'Whether you go for brighter colors or more subdued hues, it's important to have some cohesion with outdoor furnishings and decor,' Jen says. 'Consider materials as well, and if you prefer them to contrast the yard's natural materials, such as stone or grass, or coordinate with them.'

Jen Ebert
Jennifer Ebert

Jen is Deputy Editor (Digital) of Homes & Gardens online. Before starting this position, she had completed various courses at KLC Design School, as well as working across Ideal Home, LivingEtc, 25 Beautiful Homes and Country Homes & Interiors as an interiors writer. When the opportunity to work on such a prestigious, influential brand came up, Jen says just couldn't pass up on the offer. Jen's perfect space would be a grand Georgian property – it is an architectural style that she admires greatly – though she says her style varies wildly from anywhere between classic design to modern farmhouse simplicity. If she could pick one interior designer to remodel her home, it would be Beata Heuman. Her classic yet quirky interior choices are unparalleled, says Jen.

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