Serena Williams' kitchen incorporates 2024's most popular metallic trend for a subtle, luxe effect

The tennis star transforms her kitchen with a stylish, gold-accented backsplash – designers discuss why the look is growing in popularity

Serena Williams
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Some would say Serena Williams has the Midas touch. In her kitchen, it's reality.

The tennis star's kitchen champions gold accents on her stove, hood, and, most notably, her backsplash. The space behind Serena's Officine Gullo stove is lit up with gold, diamond-shaped tiles alternating with silver accents. They lend a sophisticated, retro feel to the space. We can't stop looking at its dramatic aesthetic. 

Experts say Serena's metallic accented backsplash is one of the biggest kitchen trends of 2024. 'Kitchens continue to be the room that leads the latest interior trends, with other rooms following suit. For 2024, we aren’t seeing revolutionary trends, but rather more subtle ideas that bring both functionality and style in equal measure,' says Richard Davenport, managing director at Davenport Kitchens

We certainly see this in Serena Williams's kitchen, where a simple classic backsplash is updated with a fun, metallic accent.

Richard Davonport

With a Distinction in Furniture Design and Cabinet Making, and knowledge from his father Aubrey Davonport, an honorary member of the British Woodcarvers Association, Richard went on to set up his own workshops and later, the Davonport brand, who specialize in creating bespoke kitchen furniture.

Richard continues, 'For those who love a touch of glamour and shine, metallic splashbacks are in vogue. Copper, brass, and stainless steel are popular choices for creating a stunning focal point in the kitchen. These reflective surfaces not only catch the eye but also bounce light around the room, making your kitchen feel more spacious and inviting. Metal backsplashes work particularly well in smaller kitchens but look just as good in large spaces.' In Serena's kitchen, the metallic backsplash helps give the room a luxe but warm and lived-in feel. 

Decorating with gold, in particular, can have impressive benefits. Shelley Cochrane, interiors expert at Furniture Village states: 'Gold, copper, and brass will bring warmth and sophistication to more traditional-style rooms. She continues, 'Gold tones work harmoniously with a warmer-toned palette and more opulent fabrics.'

Dark grey kitchen with gold details

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For those hoping to incorporate this look into their homes, it comes down to a focus on style and kitchen lighting. Shelley says, 'To make the most of metallic accents in your home, think about what sort of look and feel you want to create. If you’re struggling to imagine where you can incorporate a metallic moment into your home, lighting is an easy and natural place to start. The way that light plays on these surfaces can bring an extra special touch to your space.'

The Gold Kitchen Edit

If you love Serena Williams' kitchen, Add a luxe retro feel to your space with a touch of gold.

No matter our style, a hint of gold can add a touch of glamour and fun to any interior scheme. Take it from Serena Williams.

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