Suki Waterhouse's bathroom is a lesson in bringing the luxury of a spa to a domestic setting – and it's surprisingly replicable

The bathroom taps into the emerging 'spathroom' movement, which recreates the ambiance of a relaxing retreat from the comfort of home

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When we think of a relaxing retreat, we typically imagine a trip to a luxury spa, with all the amenities in place for a self-care weekend. However, we believe that a spa-like atmosphere can be curated within our own homes; in fact, there's even a name for the growing trend.

'Spathrooms' have taken over the world of interiors, with many choosing to replicate the blissful sensation of being at a spa in their homes with some strategic design. While stocking a favorite face mask or body lotion is a great starting point, there are some accessible spa bathroom ideas that can transform a space.

Take Suki Waterhouse's bathroom. The singer and actor's London flat features gold fixtures and a wood-rimmed, white tub (crucially) surrounded by plants, combining a luxe sensibility with a touch of nature. The blend is reminiscent of a bespoke spa, yet it only requires a few key elements to achieve serene results.

The first place to start when creating a spa-like bathroom is materials.

'Using natural materials like wood and stone is a great way to make any space feel pure and peaceful,' says Anne Haimes, design director and founder of Anne Haimes Interiors. 'Organic textures and colors are often used in spas to calm you and simulate a natural environment.'

As we can see in Waterhouse's bathroom, sturdy wood is highly complementary against soft rugs and lush plants. Haimes says that implementing a diverse assortment of materials helps soften a bathroom, and allows it to feel less clinical and more inviting.

'Hard-wearing porcelain works well for both walls and floors, and this can be used with a stone or wood effect tile,' she states. 'You may choose large tiles with minimal joins to add a flowing spacious feel to the bathroom.'

She continues, 'You can decorate with natural materials such as placing a marble bowl of pebbles by the sink or a woven basket of towels by the bath. These ornaments combined with a serene background will help create your earthy, zen-inducing zone.'

Spa Bathroom with blush bath and marble wall

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Greenery is a naturally calming presence, so it makes sense that plants are an essential in any spathroom. But which house plants reduce stress?

'Plants add color and life to any room and are particularly apt for a spathroom since they have been proven to relieve stress,' Haimes says. 'They also improve air quality by releasing oxygen and reducing the amount of dust in the air. Pick plants that can tolerate warm, humid conditions with low light – bamboo, golden pothos and snake plants are great choices.'

As far as care goes, 'You will need to water these plants, so use pots with gravel at the bottom for drainage and check on the water levels. Aloe Vera, Peace Lily and Ivy are some other aesthetic plants that are fairly low maintenance and will liven up your spathroom.'

Finally, for those who want to splurge, consider investing in a tub that will lend to a spa-quality experience.

'Having the right bath is essential, as it gives you the ideal spot to relax surrounded by bubbles,' Haimes explains. 'Use a bath rack to keep your book or cup of tea nearby for ultimate self-care. Swap out your old shower head for a high-pressure one with adjustable settings, or even a deluxe rainfall shower head that will look stunning in your new bathroom. Little changes also go a long way, like putting body wash and shampoo in amber-glass containers or using high-end candles and oil diffusers.'

Creating a spa experience at home doesn't have to entail a full bathroom renovation. We recommend focusing on small but thoughtful additions to the existing space, such as plants, accents made of natural materials, and any sensory details that make the space feel more calming, such as scented candles and soft lighting. We also love these accessories (above) that are sure to bring a spathroom feeling to any sized home.

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