How to fertilize a peace lily – plus expert tips on when to do it

Give your peace lily a boost and watch its beautiful flowers bloom for longer

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Peace lilies have long been loved by plant parents for their showy foliage and statement blooms. The good news for owners of these classic houseplants is that you can fertilize them to keep them blooming for longer and even encourage more flowers.

Having indoor plants that flower all year round in your home is a great way to brighten your interiors and fertilizing will help keep them thriving for longer. Peace lilies are among the best indoor plants to add floral interest, so getting to grips with how to feed them can prove beneficial.

We've asked experts exactly how to go about fertilizing a peace lily so that you can correctly feed yours.

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How to fertilize a peace lily

Fertilizing a peace lily can be beneficial if you want its classic blooms to last longer and showy foliage to stay in prime condition. Our expert guide on how to fertilize a peace lily can help you feed this flowering houseplant correctly.

When should you fertilize a peace lily?

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Before you even pick up fertilizer, you need to know when to fertilize your peace lily to ensure it's done correctly.

As a general rule, you should only fertilize plants when they are actively growing. Fertilizing a peace lily when it's growth is slower or halted could risk oversaturated soil and houseplant root rot, cause your peace lily to droop, or even turn your peace lily yellow.

'You’ll find that your peace lily will benefit from a touch of fertiliser every four to six weeks during the growing season, which typically spans from spring to fall,' says Sally Allsop, founder of All That Grows. 'It’s not generally necessary to add fertilizer during the winter months,' she adds.

Sally Allsop
Sally Allsop

Sally is an avid gardener and founder of the online gardening site All That Grows. She has many years of hands-on gardening experience and a thirst of knowledge about plants and their needs. Sally is passionate about sharing her love for gardening and sharing tips with other gardeners. 

How to fertilize peace lily

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When it comes to feeding plants, it's important to always use an appropriate fertilizer so ensure your plant can reap the benefits.

'For a peace lily you want a 2-2-2 fertilizer, any organic fertilizer or one specially formulated for blooms,' says Jeannie Psomas, plant expert and owner of The Plant Lady: San Francisco. 'Stay away from higher nitrogen formulas, as those will emphasize leaf production rather than flower production,' she adds.

It's important to pay attention to plant fertilizer numbers and NPK ratios to ensure you are feeding your plant with a balanced fertilizer. 

Whether you are using a liquid plant feed or another substrate, you should apply the fertilizer directly to the soil of your peace lily. Focus on the base of the plant where the food will reach your peace lily's roots. Always follow instructions on the packaging to ensure you are using the correct amount at a time.

You should then wait a few weeks before fertilizing it again and you'll notice boosted blooms in no time.

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Jeannie Psomas

Jeannie Psomas owns The Plant Lady: San Francisco, an indoor plant shop located in San Francisco, California which caters to collectors and hobbyists alike.  With a strong emphasis on plant science and education, Jeannie's philosophy is that anyone can grow gorgeous plants indoors. 

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What's the best fertilizer for a peace lily?

It's best to use a balanced fertilizer for a peace lily, like a 2-2-2 fertilizer. These beautiful indoor flowering plants can become stressed by concentrations that are too high, so always check plant fertilizer numbers and NPK ratios when choosing a plant food for your peace lily.

What happens if you use too much fertilizer on a peace lily?

You should be careful not to over-fertilize your peace lily, as it could cause a number of problems.

'Salt build-up is a big problem. This is mostly an issue if you use a non-organic, synthetic fertilizer. It can burn your plant's roots, leading to brown, crispy tips on leaves,' says Sonya Query, master gardener and marketing director at Love, Plants.

Giving your peace lily too much fertilizer or feeding it too often can also lead to leafy growth and interfere with the pH of the soil. It's best to only fertilize your peace lily the recommended amount on the packaging of your plant food and refrain from feeding it too frequently.

Fertilizing your peace lily is a great way to give it a boost and encourage long-lasting blooms and new growth. Make sure to only feed it when actively growing and apply fertilizer in moderation as too much fertilizer could cause a number of problems. Watch out for other indoor plant mistakes to ensure you keep your indoor garden thriving.

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