How to fertilize anthuriums – and when to do it for glorious blooms that last for longer

Feeding these flowering houseplants will reward you with a spectacular display

How to fertilize an anthurium
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Anthuriums are beautiful houseplants that offer unique, wax-like blooms, which are actually spathes rather than flowers. Although these plants are quite easy to care for and will prize their blooms year-round, you can fertilize your anthurium to encourage a greater display.

Fertilizing is part of essential care for anthuriums if you want anthuriums to bloom again. These indoor flowering plants appreciate feeding during their active growing season and doing so will leave them boasting a spectacular collection of bright blooms.

Not sure where to start? We asked experts for tips on how to fertilize anthuriums so that you can ensure you're doing so correctly.

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How to fertilize anthuriums

Fertilizing your anthurium can be a good idea to encourage more blooms and a long-lasting display. We've spoken to experts to find out how to fertilize an anthurium correctly and the best time to do it.

When to fertilize anthuriums


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Before getting started with fertilizing indoor plants, you need to know when the best time to do it is. Feeding your plant at the wrong time is a common indoor plant mistake that could cause negative effects.

'It’s best to fertilize an anthurium when the plant is actively growing. Anthuriums actively grow from spring to early fall in the Northern Hemisphere,' says Vladan Nikolic from Mr. Houseplant.

You'll know when your anthurium is actively growing because it will be producing new leaves and flowers. 'This requires a lot of energy, so fertilizing during this period gives an additional boost and ensures the plant utilizes all the nutrients efficiently,' Vladan adds.

It's not a good idea to fertilize your anthurium when it's dormant. 'It can’t absorb the nutrients properly which can lead to minerals accumulating in the soil and burning the roots,' notes Vladan.

It likewise won't absorb so much liquid, leaving the soil oversaturated and risking houseplant root rot.

Vladan Nikolic
Vladan Nikolic

Vladan Nikolic is a houseplant expert with over 10 years of experience. He is the founder of the houseplant care blog Mr. Houseplant and is a social media influencer for houseplants with over 500,000 followers.

How to fertilize anthuriums

Fertilize anthurium

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To fertilize your anthurium, you need to get your hands on the best houseplant food for your plant.

'The best fertilizer for an anthurium is a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer with an NPK ratio of 20:20:20,' Vladan suggests.

NPK plant fertilizer numbers refer to the amount of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the plant food. A balanced fertilizer is a safe option for most houseplants, but you might also want to choose a fertilizer with a higher phosphorus number for your anthurium.

'Those fertilizers are made for flowering plants, encouraging the blooms to last longer, grow larger and make the color more vibrant,' says Lisa Eldred Steinkopf from the Houseplant Guru.

Depending on the type of fertilizer you opt for, you can then apply the plant food to your anthurium. Most houseplant owners opt for the easiest method of diluting a liquid plant food in water and watering houseplants accordingly.

Lisa Eldred Steinkopf
Lisa Eldred Steinkopf

Lisa is a houseplant expert who runs her blog The Houseplant Guru with over a decade of professional experience at Steinkopf Nursery and Garden Center in Michigan. As a child, Lisa helped her grandma tend to African violets and other houseplants. Since then, Lisa has forged a career providing houseplant advice, holding lectures and writing for publications across the US. 

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How often should I fertilize my anthurium?

As a general rule, you should only fertilize your anthurium every 3-4 weeks while watering it during its active growing season in spring and summer. Always follow manufacturer instructions for the amount of fertilizer to use at one time. Fertilizing your anthurium at a higher frequency could burn the roots or lead to oversaturation and root rot.

It's a good idea to fertilize your anthurium if you want to see long-lasting, bright blooms. Always provide optimal care alongside correct feeding to watch your plant thrive.

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