IKEA's new DAKSJUS garden range has everything you need to create a thriving indoor garden

From colorful plant pots to tools to make indoor potting easier, the DAKSJUS collection is designed with the urban gardener in mind

IKEA DAKSJUS collection
(Image credit: Ikea)

Functional and beautiful, IKEA's new green collection has everything you need to tend to your indoor plants

DAKSJUS is IKEA's latest garden collection and is packed with items to help keep your houseplants happy and create the indoor garden of your dreams. The collection is simple in design and has urban gardeners in mind, with tools to help keep your home mess-free when tending to your plants.

Whether you want to propagate houseplants to grow from cuttings or are looking for ways to take your indoor hanging plants to the next level, we think this new collection has all the essential gardening tools to work with in your home. We've rounded up our favorite items from the IKEA DAKSJUS collection so you can browse the best buys on offer.

IKEA DAKSJUS collection

(Image credit: Ikea)

Top picks from the IKEA DAKSJUS collection

From gardening gloves to colorful plant pots and plant accessories, we think the IKEA DAKSJUS collection covers the essentials for indoor gardening. Discover our top picks below.

Potting Essentials

IKEA DAKSJUS collection

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Whether you're planning to repot a jade plant or need to repot an orchid, the IKEA DAKSJUS collection has the potting basics to keep both your surfaces and yourself clean from any type of potting mix.

In a beautiful plant-inspired pattern with muted colors, DAKSJUS waist apron, gardening gloves and potting mat make rehoming your plants easy and convenient. Perfect for using indoors to keep your interiors clean but also great for using outdoors and keeping potting mix contained.

Indoor plant stands

IKEA DAKSJUS plant stand

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Using plant stands is a great way to style your houseplants and the stands in the IKEA DAKSJUS collection are ideal to use for different sized plants.

Whether you want a pop of color with the three-pot plant stand or prefer a more natural look with the bamboo plant stand, the new collection offers a way to elevate and display any plant beautifully. We especially love how the bamboo plant stand has hooks to hang plants and gardening tools.

Plant pots

IKEA DAKSJUS plant pots

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An essential for any indoor gardener, IKEA's DAKSJUS plant pots offer bright colors to uplift houseplant displays.

The standard plant pots come in sets of two so you can home your plants no matter their size in a color that suits your interior aesthetic. DAKSJUS also offers charming hanging planters in muted tones that match the plant stands. And if you're unsure of how to water houseplants correctly, you can avoid making one of the most common indoor plant mistakes of overwatering with the self-watering plant pot.

Plant accessories

IKEA DAKSJUS plant vase

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Decorating with plants is a great way to bring the outside in and green up your space. But it doesn't have to stop at the plants themselves. The IKEA DAKSJUS collection has plenty of accessories to add to your houseplant displays that also serve a functional purpose. 

The vases are perfect for showcasing cut flowers and are likewise helpful in propagating cuttings so you can observe rooting to avoid common water propagation mistakes. If you have a climbing plant, the DAKSJUS trellis is a beautiful way to support and train it. Meanwhile, the self-watering inserts can help you water your houseplants correctly so that you don't oversaturate the soil and cause houseplant root rot.


Can I use the IKEA DAKSJUS collection outdoors?

Many items from the IKEA DAKSJUS collection can be used outdoors in your backyard. For example, there are plenty of potting items, such as the potting mat and gardening gloves, that are ideal for keeping mess contained when planting up plants in your yard. 

The new IKEA DAKSJUS collection covers the essentials for creating a thriving indoor garden. From pots to accessories, we think IKEA has all your indoor gardening needs covered. If you're browsing IKEA for more rooms in your home, discover IKEA room ideas for inspiration.

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