Bobby Berk is offering free interior design consultations – here's how to get involved

In an exclusive interview with H&G, the renowned stylist shares how to get the most out of a meeting with an interior designer

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It's not every day that you get the opportunity to meet face to face with one of interior design's biggest names. No matter how closely you follow the pros (and the wealth of advice some share online), chances are you've got a question – or maybe 20 – you'd love to ask a designer yourself. Whether you're jumping into a home remodel soon, have a business whose office could really use a refresh, or simply need to know which furniture will suit your style best, you just might have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to ask away.

This week, interior designer and Queer Eye star Bobby Berk announced a brand-new partnership with Fiverr, an online marketplace where freelancers of all trades connect with clients. As a brand ambassador, not only will Bobby be sharing design tips and tricks on Fiverr's site, but he'll be offering complimentary, 45-minute-long interior design sessions for three lucky winners – individuals or businesses. To hear a bit more about the partnership, and what questions to ask an interior designer, we sat down with Bobby himself. Here's what he had to say.

'Meeting one-on-one with a designer allows you to get their full attention and their singular focus on your project. When you meet with a freelance designer on Fiverr, it also gives you a chance to receive direct feedback (both positive and constructive) on specific design details, a style, or direction you may be leaning towards,' Bobby tells H&G.

When in the design process should you meet with an interior designer?

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'I would advise scheduling a meeting when you have a concrete idea of exactly what your project is. Determine whether you want to fully renovate a room, or just do a small refresh. It's also best to meet towards the beginning and before you have started any actual work in the space, so the designer can really have a clean slate to work from.'

If you only have 45 minutes with a designer, what questions would you ask?

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'First and foremost, make sure you come prepared. It's a good idea to have photos of your space, inspiration images, and a general idea of the scope of what you are looking to achieve. Write down a list of topics and/or questions before the meeting too. If there are things you are uncertain about or looking for advice on, those should be the first questions you ask.

'It's also a good idea to focus on the "bigger picture" and the more substantial and pivotal parts of the project, like the layout, furniture, paint, materials, and lighting. Don't spend too much time talking about small details that could change based on other decisions.'

What’s a bit of design advice you feel like you’re always giving?

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'Paint colors! Everyone wants to know what color to paint a room, whether it's a quick makeover, a model home, or a full renovation. But there is no universal option that works in every space. So I will make a recommendation for a color family or shade, and then always test out samples to see what a color really looks in the space at different times of day with different lighting conditions.'

Can you share some tips about how our readers can best use Fiverr?

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'I personally use Fiverr to hire freelancers for areas of my business that are out of my skill set, like 3D renderings, marketing, or web design. This allows me to maximize my time and focus on what I do best. And the great thing about Fiverr is that anyone can use it to find a skilled freelancer.

'For the home, Fiverr features experts ranging from interior designers to architects to realtors. Whether you're just wondering how a renovation may look, want to build a home from the ground up, or are looking for tips for home buying and investing, you'll be able to find an expert freelancer on the site to help you.'

Those interested in meeting with Bobby one-on-one can apply for an online consultation between June 3 and June 17, and winners will be announced on July 1, 2024. It's the perfect opportunity to compile all the design-related conundrums you've got, and cross your fingers for a chance to ask Bobby.

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