Designer profile: Michelle Boudreau

H&G sit down with L.A. designer Michelle Boudreau to get her insight into emerging trends, dream clients and her favorite projects

Michelle Boudreau designer profile
(Image credit: Michelle Boudreau)

Modern, artful, and definitely unique, Michelle Boudreau's style is incredibly refreshing to see in an interior design world that right now seems so dominated by more rustic, country styles. Her spaces are bright, filled with bold colors and Mid-century shapes that feel both classic and current.

Michelle Boudreau Design is based in Palm Springs, a landscape made up of deserts and mountains that heavily influences the designer's style. There's a European influence to her aesthetic too that comes from time spent living in London. Transitional design is at the center of many of Michelle's projects – bringing together both contemporary pieces with vintage designs to create homes that transcend interior design trends

We caught up with Michelle to find out more about how she defines her unique styles, the projects she has coming up plus the trends she's taking into 2024.

Michelle Boudreau designer profile

(Image credit: Michelle Boudreau)

What is your design aesthetic?

'My signature interior design style is curated modernist. I like to ignite all of the senses by mingling new shapes, mixing unexpected materials and colors, and architecturally clean forms with thoughtful details rich with international cultural influences.

I enjoy designing with the perfect balance of unique intrigue with equal parts livability. I am passionate about bringing artful, abstract, even surreal elements to each project while crafting a consistent storyline.'

Michelle Boudreau designer profile

(Image credit: Michelle Boudreau)

How did it all begin?

'I have and education in fine art and fashion and and two decades of executive creative direction in both product and innovative retail design for Fortune 500 companies. I traveled extensively absorbing the amazing variations and unique expression throughout each culture. It was a natural progression for me to start my own firm focusing on residential design creating special personal environments and unique boutique experiences with creativity.

After living internationally and continual travel, I was drawn to the iconic architecture, charismatic lifestyle, and beautiful serenity of Palm Springs. I opened a design studio here to have a place where I meet with clients, explore ideas with my team, and work on developing a product collection in line with my style and vibe.'  

What kind of work does your firm do?

'We work on high-end modernist and Midcentury style residences as well as unique boutique hotels and workplace environments – crafting interiors that tell a visual story and take you on an emotional, sensorial journey using the lens of culture, art, lifestyle, and architecture.

I also create custom furniture, decor, and lighting designs, which allows me to tell a new visual story with each project. I am working on developing a product collection in line with my aesthetic that has a point of unexpected differentiation.'

Michelle Boudreau designer profile

(Image credit: Michelle Boudreau)

What's your favorite project you have worked on so far?

'To be honest I love every project I do because they each have interesting creative challenges.  I really enjoy creating something unique and different with each project.

However, I am close to completion on the redesign of the historic iconic gem “House of Tomorrow” / “Honeymoon House” known for its innovative forward-minded modern design and its space-age aesthetic. The architecturally innovative design mixed with the traditional house shape, the home is made up of four spherical pods that all connect under a dramatically angular sloped roof, designed by Modernist architect William Krisel, who was known for his innovative case study housing.

This is a dream project for me, being able to breathe some heart, soul, and beauty back into this cherished piece of art. This is architecture eye candy for me!'

Who inspired you when you started? And who inspires you now?

'I am inspired by fashion and architecture. Fashion, I am drawn to the fabrics, textures, and colors and architectural shapes and forms. Legends like Jean-Michael Frank, known as a minimalist, but it’s his layer of maximalism that makes his work so interesting and complex. He was understated and restrained in the shapes of furniture he designed but often dressed them in lux materials.

I am currently inspired by design rebels of today: Pierre Yovanovitch, Commune Design, Cristina Celestino, Masquespacio, India Madhavi.'

Michelle Boudreau designer profile

(Image credit: Michelle Boudreau)

Who would be your dream clients?

'Clients who strive for a creative approach, want a unique environment, and trusts my expertise are the dream clients.'

What trends are you loving right now?

'I am lovely irregular shaped furnishings and rugs. Common pieces created in a unexpected way!'

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