IKEA revives 1970s 'flower power' with its fourth vintage launch inspired by archive pieces

The furniture brand's NYTILLVERKAD collection's fourth installment is nearly here, and it's full of vibrant colors and playful patterns

A spread of IKEA's new Nytillverkad furniture launch, with bright colored furniture in a bright blue room
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IKEA's been busy diving into the archives, reviving well-loved classics and reimagining them for the 21st century. And the Swedish superstore's latest launch, the fourth installment of its nostalgic NYTILLVERKAD collection, brings color in a big way. Available to shop in April 2024, the new collection includes new renditions of pieces designed by style icons. 

'We are excited to bring back these beloved designs and introduce them to a new generation of customers, Karin Gustavsson, creative leader of the multi-part collection, says in a press release announcing the launch inspired by '70s interior design trends. 'With the new colorful and bold edition of products, we hope to inspire creative experiments, courage, and positivity in homes around the world.'

A look inside the latest NYTILLVERKAD launch

A red chair with gray and yellow cushions in a brightly lit room with a grid floor

(Image credit: IKEA)

Each of the collection's four drops have roots in different design eras, and this launch took inspiration from the 'power, boldness, and creativity of the '60s and '70s.' Its energetic pieces 'celebrate the spirit of flower power,' embracing playful patterns and a retro color palette. Perfect for those looking for a bright spring refresh, each of the collection's items screams '60s and '70s experimental and fun-first design. 

Perhaps the most notable of the new drop's contents is the ÖNNESTAD armchair, an updated take on the brand's GOGO armchair, first released in 1972. Charlotte Rude, a designer who helped craft the piece, says the goal with the new design was to 'make a chair that was colorful, soft and comfortable.' This rendition comes in bright green and orange-red editions, and are made of lightweight, high-strength steel – a makeup that means IKEA can make twice as many chairs with the same amount of material. 

Another key furniture piece making its way into IKEA's catalog once again is the ORRESLÄTT armchair, a 'retro rattan' chair with quite a bit of history. First unveiled during the first IKEA store's grand opening, this piece also had a 75-year revival in 2017, called GAGNET at the time. It's back again this year, a testament to its timeless appeal. Its simple, comfort-forward rattan design will never go out of style.

A green metal chair with green and white striped cushions in front of a black and white checkered wall

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In the early '70s, the fresh floral designs of textile artist Göta Trägårdh made their debut in IKEA's catalog. Now, they're getting a refresh with the brand's KRANSMALVA and SANDETERNELL textiles. Featured on throw pillows and curtains, these energetic floral patterns are just in time for spring decorating.

IKEA shares that the DYKARKLOCKA pendant lampshade also made the cut for the new collection. This design originates from a 1964 design called TIVOLI, which consisted of nine oak rings, making for an organic glow. 

Late Swedish designer Gillis Lundgren's iconic JARL mirror – originally launched in 1978 – also gets a refresh in the NYTILLVERKAD collection, coming out in a slightly smaller size with the option of a 'bold red finish.' The 1990 RYD armchair 'gained a few extra planks' for added stability this time around too, becoming the new SJÄLSÖ design.

A bright green console table from IKEA

(Image credit: IKEA)

Inspired by the Beat Generation's lifestyle, the brand's 1968 POP coffee table got a refresh for 2024, becoming the GARNANÄS coffee table. In a lively green color, fitted with wheels for easy movement, the new edition channels the '60s with just the right mix of nostalgia and modern-day appeal – the perfect addition to an IKEA-fitted living room.

Finally, the PRIMÄRSKOG plant stand is a lovely update to the 1962 STREGA design, originally sold as a plant stand and bench pair. Its simplistic wooden design with a removable tray evokes the original while fitting in beautifully with pared-back modern interiors.

With loads of colorful '60s and '70s inspiration, this latest NYTILLVERKAD launch doesn't disappoint. Integrate the memory of iconic designers and the nostalgia of a stunning era of interior design styles by picking out a few pieces, available in stores and online in April.

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