IKEA returns to Milan Design Week... with a (very chic) inflatable gaming chair

The beloved flat-pack furniture brand introduces BRÄNNBOLL, designed for gamers who won’t settle for sub-par home decor

A green inflatable gaming chair from IKEA
(Image credit: IKEA)

IKEA has become a go-to for flat-pack furniture, custom kitchen cabinetry and affordable home decor of all kinds. The brand has recently ventured into pet accessories and gone back in time with a retro-inspired collection. But now, just in time for Milan Design Week, the Swedish furniture staple is looking to appeal to a new demographic: gamers (and homeowners who appreciate very chic inflatable furniture).

The BRÄNNBOLL collection, launching in September 2024, includes 20 unique products ranging from comfortable seating to console storage. Though IKEA has released gaming-related products before, teaming up with Republic of Gamers in 2021, the brand is setting the new line apart by opting for bright, vibrant colors – not the typically dark and moody hues of the stereotypes.

A lounge chair from IKEA's gaming collection in a white room with house plants

(Image credit: IKEA)

These products aren’t just meant to shine when the controllers are out, either. They’re meant to supplement a considered, cool design scheme at the very same time. Easily rearranged and meant to be flexible, the BRÄNNBOLL products fit into any household that includes a gamer – even if the rest of the family isn’t quite on board.

‘With BRÄNNBOLL, we are embracing the idea that gaming is for everyone and belongs everywhere in the home. It's about making it simple for people to create spaces that adapt to gaming, living and everything in between. We hope this collection will encourage friends and families to engage together, bringing joy and connection through shared gaming experiences, ‘ Philip Dilé, product design developer at IKEA of Sweden, says in a press release.

A green inflatable gaming chair from IKEA

(Image credit: IKEA)

Perhaps the most notable pick of the range is an inflatable gaming chair, one of several ergonomic seating setups on offer. IKEA has tried – and failed – to make inflatable furniture an integral part of its lineup before, but it’s looking like this attempt will stick. The Inflatable Gaming Lounge Chair is beanbag-shaped and comes in bright orange and green renditions, an eye-catching addition to gamer’s havens and stylish spaces alike.

If the beanbag look isn’t up your street, though, IKEA’s also offering a Gaming Easy Chair (which moves with you while you game) and a Gaming Lounge Chair, with an unfolding leg rest to boot.

'Drawing inspiration from how people move when they play video games, I wanted to create a chair that activates the player, to enhance this interaction. This connection between the player and the game can hopefully lead to a more engaging and immersive experience', says David Wahl, designer at IKEA of Sweden.

A console storage setup from IKEA's gaming collection

(Image credit: IKEA)

The rest of the line features a fully-equipped gaming station, convenient side tables on castors for easy movement, and a rollable shelving unit. A mounted display cabinet and tri-color accessories stand to make the storage truly gamer-specific. And a circular pixel-inspired rug, yellow and gray throw blanket and classic coasters make the collection complete. Your gaming room is set for an unbeatable upgrade.

If you are a gamer, or just a lover of cool design and bold colors, you won't have to wait long to shop the pieces – the BRÄNNBOLL collection will be ready to shop in September online and in stores.

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