Refresh your living space with Tetrad’s new Loose Cover sofa collection

A removable sofa cover is an easy way to restyle your space. Browse our favourites from Tetrad’s new Loose Cover sofa collection

Tetrad sofa couch covers
(Image credit: Tetrad)

The sofa is the centrepiece of your living space. It typically takes up the most room and is the first thing guests see (and sit on) when they enter. They’re investment pieces and should last around seven to 15 years. Within that time, interior trends come and go, and your personal style is bound to change. So why should your sofa stay the same? 

Regardless of your current sofa's condition – old, in need of an update, or even brand-new, a sofa cover is a simple way of switching up the look of your living room, without having to buy a whole new couch. Tetrad’s new additions to their Loose Cover sofa collection bring contemporary colours and styles to create a more modern appeal. Forget doing a full re-upholstery, these cover sofas are a great way to change up your current sofa’s material and pattern without the cost. 

Offering the chance to redress and restyle your Tetrad sofa, when you need in on the latest interior trends, these couch covers can inject a fresh palette into your ‘best room’. Browse our favourite picks from their new collection, and find out more about the benefits of sofa covers below: 

3 new additions to the Loose Cover collection we love

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Tetrad sofa couch covers

(Image credit: Tetrad)

The Loose cover sofa models have been integral to Tetrad’s offering since 1968. There are over 50 loose cover fabrics to choose from, including velvet, linen and patterns in both machine washable and dry clean options. You can order FREE swatch samples to see how your modular, midi, grand or small chair might look. These are the three covers we love: 

What are the benefits of a sofa cover?

1. Update style
Sofas can be expensive, and switching yours out for a new one every time you want to redecorate isn't always an option. Buying a new sofa cover for your Tetrad sofa is a simple, and affordable way to keep your living space up to date with the latest interior and furniture trends. 

2. Protect your sofa from spills
Over time it can be expected your sofa will endure some general wear and tear. And of course, the occasional spill and stain can’t be helped – especially if you have pets. A sofa cover acts as a protective layer, keeping your sofa in its original state beneath. Easy to clean, Tetrads loose cover sofas are machine washable, or able to be dry cleaned. You sit back and relax without worrying about keeping your sofa looking fresh. 

 3. A more sustainable purchase
Helping both your living room, and your sofa live longer, a cover is a more sustainable buying choice since you will prevent your sofa from being discarded in a landfill sooner. Cheaper than investing in a whole new seat you might not like in a few years' time, changing up your current sofa with a cover won’t cost you, or the earth (as much). 

You can find the best available stockist to start building your dream Tetrad. Because don’t let budget, timing, or the condition of your current sofa stop you from creating the living room look you love.

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