Roborock vacuums are designed to be as sleek as your home spaces

Sleek aesthetics, cleaning prowess

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After you’ve carefully curated and designed your living spaces, the next task is keeping them that way. Maintaining a clean home often involves a bunch of different cleaning implements you wouldn’t want to have sitting out in the open. But Roborock takes a different approach. Its robotic vacuums designed to be just as elegant as your space, making for handy smart home hardware that not only fits into your home but also helps keep it looking as lovely as ever.

Roborock’s robovacs are discreet enough to tuck away under a table or console, but they also look perfectly at home out in the open in modern settings. Regardless of where you put them, they’re made to provide extreme convenience by thoroughly cleaning your floors from wall to wall.

Any decent robotic vacuum will get the loose dust off your floor, but Roborock hasn’t settled for being just decent. The company strives for innovation in capabilities and design. More than half of the 890+ employees at Roborock are working on product design and innovation, helping the company land iF and Red Dot awards for design on a regular basis. And, where other basic robovacs just help you cross vacuuming off the chore list, Roborock can eliminate vacuuming, mopping, maintenance and more. With many different vacuum and dock models, you can find a version that’s tailored to fit your exact needs around the home.

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Of course, vacuuming is only one piece of the puzzle in keeping your floors clean. So many of Roborock’s robovacs also include mopping capabilities. With a trailing mop head, these robovac can tackle mopping and vacuuming all in a single trip. Thanks to their compact design, they’ll also be able to perform vacuuming and mopping in places you might struggle to reach with traditional cleaning tools. Roborock even has a dock that will empty the dustbin, refill the mop water reservoir,  and clean off the mop head, almost eliminating your involvement in keeping your floors clean.

To make the most of that powerful cleaning technology, these vacuums need advanced navigation. They get that with LiDAR, which uses lasers to intricately map out your home's floorplan. Once your home is mapped, you can instruct the robovacs precisely. You can assign no-go zones you don’t want the vacuum entering. You can specify where it should and shouldn’t mop. And you can ask it to clean specific rooms on command. Since the robovacs know right where they need to go, you don’t have to worry about them getting lost under the couch and running out of battery. You can control the robovacs through Roborock’s app or integrate controls with your favorite smart assistant for seamless management of your smart home.

Whether you just like a tidy home or have tons of pet hair to contend with, Roborock’s robovacs are designed to make housekeeping easier by handling one of the largest tasks on a regular basis, providing cleaner floors every day. With the cleaning handled for you, you can spend less time tidying up your living spaces and more time simply living in them.

To find out more about what Robrock’s robovacs can do for you, see them all here.

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