5 ways to elevate an IKEA kitchen to make it look bespoke

Want to make your IKEA kitchen look bespoke? This is how to do it, say interior designers

(Image credit: Semihandmade & @varneyphoto/Ikea/HØLTE)

Ikea kitchens are often associated with simple, affordable design, and that's exactly what they are. And while they can look great as they are, there are a few ways to elevate an Ikea kitchen to give it a luxe, bespoke look.

Ikea kitchen ideas come in all styles and designs – easy to assemble and sleek in design, they are a smart solution to an instant kitchen. But when putting your stamp on a kitchen scheme, and adding a sense of personality, a few thoughtful additions and changes can transform your kitchen design.

From adding a splash of color to introducing more decorative doors, we've asked interior designers their favorite ways to elevate an Ikea kitchen to make it look bespoke and luxurious.

5 ways to make an Ikea kitchen look bespoke 

Ikea kitchens are a popular choice, and for good reason. But as with any kitchen design, a few personal touches can transform a scheme and, in this case, give it a more bespoke feel.

1. Swap out the cabinet doors

Ikea kitchen with bespoke doors added

(Image credit: HØLTE)

A popular way to make an Ikea kitchen feel bespoke is to upgrade the cabinet doors. Adding a more unique will give the scheme a more custom feel, and allows you to create a space that feels more you.

'Opt for new doors and drawer fronts. This can be achieved by simply measuring up every single panel individually, noting down the height and width in millimeters, and providing this list to a bespoke kitchen fronts manufacturer,' says Fiona Ginnett, creative director and co-founder at HØLTE.

There is the option to match the new doors with the existing cabinetry, but having a contrast can create a characterful kitchen scheme. 'There are a variety of different tones and materials that help to break it all up and make it feel less 'kitcheny'. If your side and cover panels are in timber, choose a muted or a bright tone in a matte (low-reflective) finish for the fronts,' she suggests.

2. Paint your Ikea kitchen in a bespoke color

The Minne Stuga dark green Ikea kitchen with checked floor

(Image credit: @theminnestuga / @thefauxmartha)

The kitchen color ideas you choose for your scheme can completely transform the space. And while Ikea kitchens come in plenty of lovely colors and finishes, you can't go wrong with a bespoke color that ties in with the rest of your interiors.

Painting your cabinets yourself works well, but getting them professionally sprayed will guarantee an elevated finish, and ensure the kitchen components are properly prepped and executed.

Whether you opt for color drenching with a matching color on the wall and cabinets or add contrast with a statement hue on the lower cabinetry, a new splash of color can instantly give an Ikea kitchen bespoke appeal.

3. Introduce a free-standing unit

Ikea kitchen with a freestanding unit

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens/Nick Dearden)

This year's kitchen trends are celebrating spaces that feel less built-in, with free-standing units taking center stage. If you've got an Ikea kitchen that you want to give a more bespoke feel, introducing an additional cabinet or cupboard can be really effective.

'Additional cabinets can be added where the IKEA standard sizes simply don't work with the space. This can add to the 'bespokeness' of the overall design, whether it's an extension to the run of IKEA cabinets or a striking free-standing unit such as a larder, a real showstopper piece,' says Elizabeth Sherwin, creative director at Naked Kitchens.

'The resultant look is transformational allowing you to create a unique kitchen, cleverly combining Ikea carcasses with bespoke fronts,' she adds. This solution embraces the Ikea kitchen as it is, while simply adding a few extra additions.

4. Add a luxurious countertop

Ikea kitchen cabinets with Quarterline doors from Semihandmade and marble countertops

(Image credit: Semihandmade / @varneyphoto)

Kitchen countertops can add a touch of luxury to any kitchen scheme. From marble to quartz to granite, a statement stone will instantly make Ikea cabinets feel more bespoke.

In this Ikea kitchen, sleek cabinetry has been elevated using marble counters, creating cohesion with the kitchen island. The grain of the marble adds a sense of luxury and creates an instant bespoke appearance to the scheme.

Take it one step further by taking the stone up the walls to form a backsplash – the seamless line from the counters up to the walls will instantly give an Ikea kitchen unique appeal.

5. Finish cabinets with elevated hardware

Ikea STENSUND Drawer front, beige

(Image credit: Ikea)

A simple way to make an Ikea kitchen look more bespoke is by swapping the hardware for something more unique. Introduce vintage handles and drawer pulls, or make them a design feature with retro colors and shapes.

'For a quick and effective kitchen facelift, consider replacing the handles. You can select different styles and shapes in the same tone or mix a couple of statement handles with discreet edge pull-style handles,' says Fiona.

This Ikea kitchen has been given a truly timeless feel with a mix of silver drawer pulls and cupboard knobs – these classic styles work well together, while offering a less uniform finish to the scheme.

There are plenty of ways to make an Ikea kitchen look bespoke, from simple hardware swaps to changing out the cabinet doors. Ikea kitchens are a wonderful way to create a simple, timeless scheme – these ideas will simply add personality and unique appeal to your space.

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