How music can help transform our living spaces now – and in the future

With most of us sheltering in place this season, we explore how introducing music into your daily routine using Deezer HiFi can help your home adapt to a multitude of different uses

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Over the past year, our homes have become so much more than just a roof over our heads. Following the multiple lockdowns and stay at home orders that we’ve experienced, our homes have had to adapt into multifunctional spaces where we now work, rest and play. 

Our living rooms have become cinemas as well as schools, our bedrooms now double as home offices and sanctuaries, and even our gardens have become part playground, part hobby vegetable garden.

Demanding all of these extra functions on a space naturally requires an adaptive setting to support it, with music being one of the must-have tools to help your space morph easily from one use to another.

Try music as a transformative tool


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Just like how the right decor or lighting can change a mood or a scented candle can create a soothing atmosphere, music can have a transformative effect on a space. 

It can perk you up with an invigorating beat or help you relax, alleviating stress, when you listen to some laid-back tunes. Deezer HiFi makes it easy to make those changes - just by pressing play.

So much more than just a music streaming service, Deezer HiFi gives you access to a virtually endless catalogue of music at your fingertips, completely ad-free and with crystal clear audio.

How Deezer HiFi integrates with ease into family life


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Offering you a superior, seamless music experience, there are so many ways in which Deezer HiFi can enhance your home, whether you tune in via your smartphone, a Sonos system, the kids’ Xbox or even using a smart speaker.

You can soundtrack your day with ease, switching from feel good tracks that keep you energized in the daytime, to soothing tunes when preparing the family meal in the evening. You can listen to exercize-friendly beats on your earphones when out on your daily run, while your children can dance around to kid-friendly songs.

Much like having your very own personal DJ, Deezer HiFi learns as it plays in high fidelity sound, adapting and tailoring song suggestions according to your listening habits - ideal if you just want to listen to music without the hassle of cueing up a tune.

Enhance your listening experience with Deezer HiFi’s neat features


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It also features a wide range of clever features that support your home’s adaptive spaces, to give you a superior music experience.

For instance, as we’re all seemingly glued to screens so much more now than before, Deezer HiFi’s Dark Mode allows you to control the brightness of the app in the evenings to give your eyes a welcome break from the glare.

And if you’re listening to music and don’t recognize a song? SongCatcher will tell you exactly what it is and add it directly to your favorites or a playlist - there’s no need to look it up separately or open another app to find out.

The clever Lyrics function provides you with the means to sing along to any song you fancy, even turning a Chromecast-enabled TV into your very own karaoke machine - perfect for family get-togethers.

Get instant access to a vast library of exceptional quality music


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As well as offering over 56 million tracks at your fingertips, with Deezer HiFi you’ll get access to a special selection of music collections, expertly curated by Deezer’s own music editors.

Called HiFi Room, it’s perfect if you want to listen to something a little different for a change, offering you a variety of handpicked tunes, playlists and albums across every genre, from pop to rock, classical, electronic and more, all with astounding sound quality.

So if you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s multifunctional needs, we’d recommend introducing Deezer HiFi to your home’s fabric to help see you through this spring and beyond.


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