Kim Kardashian's 'favorite room' is a stark reminder of why minimalism is eternally stylish – and designers agree

Functional, versatile, and timeless: The color-drenched space reminds us all of minimalism's benefits – and why it's forever in vogue

Kim Kardashian
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It's no secret that Kim Kardashian's home is a masterclass in pure, untouched minimalism – but nowhere epitomizes her decorating ideology quite like the socialite's favorite space.

'My fave room in my house,' Kim announced after sharing the minimalist living room in question with the world. The media personality famously declared that she keeps her Hidden Hills home ultra-minimalist to counteract the world's chaos* – opting for a soothing palette and curated furnishings that offer a sense of 'quiet' to her otherwise vibrant lifestyle. 

This color-drenched living space is an unrivaled celebration of the minimalism she so desires – showcasing nothing but soothing off-white room inspiration that will stand the test of time. And designers agree. 

'Minimalism, a design approach that focuses on simplicity and practicality, is characterized by clean lines, open spaces, and natural materials,' says New York-based designer Artem Kropovinsky. 'This style has persisted for centuries and remains popular due to its timeless and adaptable nature.'

Artem Kropovinsky
Artem Kropovinsky

Founder of NYC-based interior design firm, Arsight, Artem Kropovinsky has a decade of extensive global design experience, connecting a cohesive, collaborative team of passionate professionals, who work on interior projects in the U.S. and worldwide. 

'There are several reasons why minimalism remains evergreen. First, it is a highly functional design choice. Minimalist homes are not only easy to clean and maintain but also adaptable to various lifestyles.'

Secondly, the designer says that a style similar to the one seen in Kim Kardashian's room is 'incredibly versatile' – and can 'lend itself to a range of aesthetic interpretations, from contemporary to classic' – meaning it can easily evolve with the seasons. 'Minimalism possesses a timeless quality, ensuring its relevance across generations,' he says. 

Alongside its functionality and versatility, Artem says that Kim Kardashian's choice of neutrals is perfect for creating the calming home she craves. '[Minimalism] offers numerous benefits. It fosters a serene and tranquil atmosphere, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety,' he says. 

And, while Kim was not decorating her home on a budget, Artem adds that minimalism can also be cost-effective, as it requires fewer furnishings and decorative items. In many cases, mastering minimalism can begin with one key piece – such as the one that is similar to Kim's (above) or investing in the perfect off-white (below).

'To achieve a minimalist home, employing a neutral color palette is ideal. Neutral shades exude a sense of calm and relaxation, while also making spaces appear larger and more open. Furthermore, neutral colors are highly adaptable, complementing any décor style,' Artem says. 

Lastly, colors and furnishings aside, the designer says that decluttering as meticulously as Kim is a key step to achieving her minimalist look. 'Clutter can contribute to a cramped and overwhelming environment,' he says. 'To prevent clutter, it is essential to declutter regularly, discarding unused or unnecessary items.'

In this busy modern world, having a restful sanctuary to return to has never been more important, so it’s no wonder that homeowners – and not just Kim Kardashian – are turning to the principles of minimalism and creating pared-back spaces perfect for switching off and unwinding. And, if any space can encourage us to kickstart our spring clean, it is this...

*Kim's discussion of her minimalist decor choices appeared in Vogue

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