Planning a Greenhouse? Here are five things to consider before investing in a glasshouse

A greenhouse or garden room is great for when you want somewhere cosier than the garden to work in.

With glasshouses and greenhouses providing a beautiful, undercover alfresco space, and the capacity to grow a huge variety of vegetables and fruit, it is not surprising many of us are dreaming of a greenhouse during lockdown.

To help meet the growing demand of homeowners desperate for a Hartley Botanic greenhouse, the manufacturer has launched same-day ‘Virtual Greenhouse Consultations’ to help speed-up the planning of customer orders.

The new Virtual Greenhouse Consultations will allow the greenhouse experts at Hartley Botanic to view homeowners’ gardens remotely – providing advice on greenhouse location, size and design, along with important considerations when it comes to installation and maintenance.

Planning a greenhouse

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Top 5 things to consider when buying a greenhouse


Spend time envisaging how you intend to use your greenhouse before deciding on a size and style. Will you use it purely as a growing tool or as a dual-purpose growing and al fresco space?

Planning a greenhouse

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It is very important to get the location of your greenhouse right. It needs plenty of sun throughout the year, in a location which does not become too exposed in cold weather. It also needs to be cited near a water supply.

Planning a greenhouse

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If you want to include growing beds within your greenhouse you need to make sure the soil it is positioned on is fertile.

Planning a greenhouse

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Generally, this is not required when installing a Greenhouse for domestic-use, but do your homework if you live in a Grade Ior Grade II listed property, or are lucky enough to live in an area of outstanding natural beauty.


One of the most common reasons for plant failure in greenhouses is due to insufficient ventilation. Ventilation is prioritised in Hartley Botanic structures – make sure it is a priority for you too when choosing a structure.

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‘We have experienced a renewed interest in our glasshouses and greenhouses during lockdown. Many of our existing customers are making use of their beautiful Hartley Botanic structures as a way to while away the hours and the pandemic has thrown back into focus the idea of becoming more self-sufficient.

But in the current climate, our priority is to keep both our customers and our colleagues safe and well. We can’t visit homeowners at their property at the moment, but one of our experienced sales executives can now visit them at home ‘virtually’ to talk through the requirements of their new Hartley, looking at the proposed location and to answer any questions to help them make their decision,’ says Tom Barry, Managing Director of Hartley Botanic.

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