An artful, space-saving design meets smart technology with the LG Libero Monitor

Keeping your workspace organised, whether it’s a dedicated room or just a corner of the dining table, is now more important than ever

Libero monitor from LG
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Over the past year, those of us lucky enough to have a dedicated room in which to shut ourselves away have gratefully recognised the peaceful retreat they provide.

As we spend more time at home, we become more aware than ever of the need for space. Rooms that were once forgotten are being rejuvenated as tranquil spaces or multifunctional living zones. The home office is where the demand is greatest at the moment. Homeowners are looking for a dynamic space that allows them the time to focus on their daily tasks but also one they can close off in the evening to really benefit from the additional family time we have all been afforded in recent months.

However, now working from home is likely to be the norm for many of us, we are thinking about the aesthetics of these spaces. But how to add beauty through technology to what is, after all, a functional space? It can be done. Enter the LG Libero Monitor. A space-saving home office addition like no other.

The home office has some important criteria to meet. The room needs to be capacious enough for now, as well as anticipated future needs; make everything easy to find; and it must contribute to the room’s aesthetic. Fail to make the grade on any of these measures and it can result in a space that’s cluttered, shortens productive hours, and looks more corporate than stylish. Therefore, it may not come as a complete surprise to know that nothing hinders creative thinking more than being surrounded by an unappealing or bulky monitor.

LG Libero on wood desk

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The Libero Monitor can be flexibly integrated into just about any home work environment. A well-thought-out feature of the monitor is the stand. When folded up, the monitor can be hung on a wall bracket, leaving space on the desk completely free, making it one of the most versatile monitors on offer for the space - and style - conscious individual.

Most of us no longer sit at a desk for eight hours, but instead can choose from a variety of living spaces that aren’t just glass cubes; we may even work in the kitchen. This is why technology that truly works for the individual is essential for modern day living.

These thoughtfully considered interior elements are becoming more of a standard as we focus increasingly on wellness in the home office, and you might be surprised at some of the areas in which size and shape is being considered in product design.

Intelligently designed to deliver on form and function is the essence of the Libero Monitor. Extraneous details give way to simple minimalism. The same aesthetic – the home tech device rendered as beautiful, functional art – is represented across the entire LG product range.

LG LIbero Monitor wall hung

(Image credit: LG)

So while the future hasn't quite delivered on its sci-fi promise of flying cars, with a QHD monitor that delivers all-in-one solution for increased video conferencing, transcendent colour, Full HD webcam with Privacy Cover for your privacy in personal space and can be installed in almost any space in the home or office, that future is right here, right now.

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