Undecorating – the kit you need to clear your home of Christmas

It's time to say goodbye to the tree, decorations and all the sparkle for another year. Just don't cram it away into a jumbled mess, invest in these key pieces to guarantee storage success

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Cast your mind back to last November or early December when you unpacked all of your Christmas decorations. Was it a stressful mess or an organised dream? 

In all likeliness, you had to untangle your string lights, you unearthed a shattered bauble or two and it took you around four days to find the Christmas tree stand. Let's not have a repeat of that this year, shall we?

With a little preparation and a few canny buys, you can make next December's decorating task a far more relaxed one. 

We've popped our organizational Santa hats on and collated a must-have list of storage buys to help you pack away your Christmas decorations neatly and safely this week. 

They may not be the most glamorous of purchases but they will change your life (every Christmas at least). We've grouped the storage into two lists - one for our readers who live in the US and one for our UK-based readers. 

Simply scroll down to see what's available, or use the handy jump links below to skip straight to the list relevant to you. 

Happy undecorating!


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Undecorating buys for the US

Here are our recommended buys for US shoppers to guarantee your Christmas decorations stay safe and in one place.

1. Amazon ornament Storage Box


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Zober Christmas Ornament Storage Box | $31.99 at Amazon

With separate carry trays that stack neatly on top of each other - making it easy to carry them around when decorating, theis large storage bag has a total of 128 spaces for Christmas ornaments, up to 3" in width.

Browse Christmas decoration storage at Amazon

2. Wayfair Christmas wreath bag


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Christmas wreath storage bag | $16.99 at Wayfair

Heavy duty and moisture resistant (so ideal if stored in an outdoors in a shed), this 30" bag will ensure your artificial wreath looks good as new, year after year.

Browse all Christmas decoration storage at Wayfair

3. Bed Bath & Beyond Christmas tree bag


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Christmas Tree Storage Bag | $36.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond

Suitable for a 7.5' tree, this neat storage bag will keep your tree in one place, stand and all, ready for use next year. There's also a vertical storage bag for a 9' tree, too.

Browse all Christmas storage at Bed Bath & Beyond

4. Target Christmas Light Reels storage 


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Christmas light reels storage bag | $11.99 at Target

Three heavy duty reels all feature ingenious spinning handles that will make winding up your lights a total dream. Each reel can hold up to 200 mini lights and they all slot neatly into the carry bag.

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Undecorating buys for the UK

Must-buys for UK shoppers if you want your decs in order come Christmas 2021. 

1. Dunelm Christmas Tree Storage Box


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Red Christmas tree storage box | £20 at Dunelm

Measuring H42.5xW39.5xD 99cm, this sturdy storage box is ideal for tidying away an artificial Christmas tree that breaks down into several parts.

Browse all Christmas decoration storage at Dunelm

2. Ikea Christmas storage bag


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Vinter 2020 storage bag | £3 at Ikea

Not specifically designed for Christmas decorations but when stashed away neatly in your loft or garage, the festive pattern will let you know instantly what the bag contains. Perfect for storing stockings, festive textiles and any robust decorations.

Browse all storage at Ikea

3. eBay fairy light storage bag


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Christmas lights storage bag | £9.95 at eBay 

Holding up to 800 lights, this compact carry bag will store all of your fairy lights in one place and the handy transparent window will make it easy to see what's inside, too.

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4. B&Q Decoration storage bag


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Decoration storage bag | £8 from B&Q

With 48 individual cubby holes for delicate baubles or decorations up to 8cm in diameter, you can guarantee your decs will last year after year.

Browse all Christmas decoration storage at B&Q

5. Ikea gift wrap storage


(Image credit: Ikea)

Skubb storage case for wrapping paper | £9 at Ikea

Not actually for storing your festive decorations, but this inexpensive bag will be a godsend when hunting down leftover gift wrap come December.

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