5 ways to get wise about your Wi-Fi in 2024

Use our tips to make sure this year’s home entertainment is the right kind of drama.

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You’ve hopefully by now taken down the tinsel and taken out the Christmas tree. But just how good did your Wi-Fi perform over the holidays – with all the streaming, gaming and video chats thrown at it? 

And because the sheer volume of content to enjoy is stronger than ever – whether you’re addicted to social media or just Netflix, Disney and Now – so your Wi-Fi can struggle to keep up as everyone tries to get online to do their own thing. If you’ve ever experienced slower speeds and interruptions, it’s worth considering how the broadband experts at EE can help, particularly with their new Smart Hub Plus. 

To help out, here’s our five tips to make your Wi-Fi perform better than ever and bring your entertainment A-game in 2024.

1. Crack the code

It may seem like a small touch, but making it easier for guests to connect to your Wi-Fi can go a long way. Handing out your Wi-Fi password can be fiendishly difficult. Once you’ve reached behind the router and noted down the code, your guests normally have to awkwardly type in the tiny, random characters before getting online. EE’s new Smart Hub Plus now lets you share your Wi-Fi instantly via a QR code – taking just seconds, so it doesn’t ruin the mood. What’s more, you’ll be able to set different passwords, remove devices, and keep visitors’ devices separate from your main Wi-Fi, for added peace of mind. Now you and everyone else can crack on and have fun – without anyone pestering you for IT support.

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2. Make streaming safer

Sitting younger children down in front of a colourful CGI blockbuster means you can have some me time, any time. But what about older ones tucked away around the home exploring the internet on their own devices? Wi-Fi Controls from EE are the ideal way to ensure everyone has the protection they need – while maximising the fun. Ensure only age-appropriate content can be accessed on every device individually, and set screentime limits – such as a Wi-Fi freeze to make bedtimes less hassle – effortlessly via the app. And if your child is starting off 2024 with a new phone, make sure they’ve enrolled in PhoneSmart – a brilliant and fun course to help show they are cyber ready.

3. Game without the strain

Gaming is one of the best ways to spend more time as a family (a top new year’s resolution) and the options these days range from virtual sports on VR headsets to multiplayer cartoon adventures. And whether your family is serious about PC, console or smartphone gaming, or just getting started, EE can help give them a boost. Wi-Fi Enhancer takes it all to the next level – simply activate Game Mode to turbo-charge your experience by prioritising your connection at the tap of an app. And with geo-filtering to choose the best quality servers, and ping-optimiser to reduce lag, you’re always playing at your best.

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4. Work smarter, not harder

As we get back into the swing of working life, and wave goodbye to days stretched out on the sofa, we need to get work-ready. If your work from home schedule means you’re likely to be tied up in team video calls then the last thing you need is your partner or kids strangling the Wi-Fi with their activity. Wi-Fi Enhancer also includes a handy Work Mode. When you’re concentrating, having this priority at your fingertips can be key to coming across crisp and clear – and less glitchy – when jumping onto apps like Zoom, Slack or Teams.

5. Up your hosting game

For you, 2024 might be the year to up your hosting game – and if you’re looking forward to a year of exceptional entertaining, then the right smart tech and best Wi-Fi could make all the difference. Use smart lighting to adjust the ambiance in each room, or add a splash of colour, and consider how smart speakers can take the music both indoors and outdoors, following you as you move the party anywhere. And when the temperature drops, control smart heating from your phone, so it’s easy to make all your guests feel cosy.

EE’s new Smart Hub Plus is the ideal way to ensure your Wi-Fi is more than ready for the task of filling your whole home with great entertainment in 2024. 

For more tips on how you can do more with new EE, visit ee.co.uk/home.

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