Best bread boxes 2024 - selected by a shopping expert

The best bread boxes will keep your loaves, rolls, and pastries fresh. They're the perfect storage solution, keeping your countertops crumb-free.

Best bread boxes: Alessi Mattina bread box
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The best bread boxes are kitchen multitaskers. They might sound like they belong in log cabins, farmhouses, and photoshoots, but actually, they're incredibly useful: bread always tastes better when it's fresher.

We are always looking for neat and chic ways to organize your kitchen countertops and bread boxes are the perfect example of a beautiful kitchen storage idea. Stainless steel, ceramic, and wooden, these sturdy and stylish bread boxes can transform your kitchen, preventing crumbs from cluttering your countertops.

Whether you're an avid home baker or just someone who enjoys a sandwich, you need a bread box. This beautiful storage solution will keep bagels and pastries fresh and crisp, whilst protecting them from germs and bacteria.

I've looked through all the best bread baskets on the market. Whether you are looking for ultra-large capacity, shelves, or a multitasking box, I've found the best for every kitchen. 

Best bread boxes 2024


Do I need a bread box?

if you enjoy bread and pastries and want to keep these tasting fresh, I would recommend investing in a bread box. They're an excellent storage solution, which you can use for eggs and other groceries if it's not full of bread already.

Is there a way to keep bread fresh without a bread box?

Whilst I would highly recommend investing in a bread box, there are a few tricks that you can use if you're waiting for one to be delivered to your home. There are plenty bread bags in wax, linen and plastic which you can use to store your bread in. These aren't always as stackable and durable as a bread box, but they're a good solution. You could also slice and freeze your bread to prevent it from growing mould, but it will need toasting after, because it will dry out.

How we test

A wooden bread box with bread inside and tomatoes on the outside

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At Homes & Gardens, we like to test every product before we recommend them to you. This means that we can personally vouch for them, letting you know what we found out about each model. Unfortunately, we didn't get to use all of these bread boxes, so our comments are based on extensive research. I've looked through hundreds of reviews searching for the useful features and annoying quirks to each bread box. There are plenty of models which didn't make the cut, purely based on poor reviews. Equally, the ones that I've included in this guide are popular with experts and customers alike, so they have our guarantee. If you'd like to find out more about the process, you can visit our how we test page.

Final thoughts

A wooden bread box with pastries being placed into it

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As a keen home baker, I'm lost without my bread box. Even though I always think about appearances my décor when looking for storage solutions, there's a lot more to these useful boxes. If your bread box doesn't have a good seal, it's close to useless. If it's tricky to clean, it's also hard to keep bread fresh and delicious. 

You need a bread box which suits your loaves. Shelves are really useful if you enjoy a pretty pastry and don't want to crush it, but they're a pain if you like a big, round country loaf. I've found an option for every kind of baked good, so all that's left to do is enjoy a slice of fresh bread - and save the rest for enjoying on another day.

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