Best butter dishes 2024 - spreading style in your kitchen

The best butter dishes will keep your kitchen tidy whilst making a style statement. Whether you're looking for a classic or colorful design, I've found the best on the market

Best butter dishes: A ceramic butter dish
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Whether you keep your butter in the refrigerator or out (I'm team refrigerator, by the way), you need a neat way to store it. In the pack or tub, it can look messy and unsightly. The simple transition to a butter dish will make all the difference. 

I've always used a classic porcelain dish. It's a timeless design that won't date, but there are plenty of colorful, simple, and innovative dishes on the market.

There are plenty of macro ideas for kitchen storage, but it's also important to keep the smaller parts of  your kitchen neat and tidy too. A good-quality butter dish is a perfect finishing touch.

I've searched the market, reading hundreds of reviews on every butter dish available.  I've found some of the best ways to declutter, starting with butter. With some of our favorite brands, such as OXO and Le Creuset, there's so much to offer. 

Best butter dishes 2024

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What is the best butter dish for room temperature?

Look for a butter dish with high sides and a lid, so that when things heat up in the kitchen, your butter doesn't melt and pour onto the surface.

What is the best thing to keep butter in?

Keeping butter in the unopened packaging, a dish, or a crock will help to keep it fresh for up to two weeks. Once your butter is open, try to keep it in an airtight container to keep it fresh for longer.

Why are some butter dishes round?

These are the older, vintage, traditional butter dishes. They are also known as butter crocks, butter bells, or butter keepers. They're designed to be kept on your countertop. You can fill the bottom with a little water before placing the bell lid (a cloche, in French) over the top of the butter, which forms a tight air seal.

What butter dish won't break?

Metal or plastic butter dishes are the least likely to break. If you're part of a hectic household, I would recommend investing in one of these, because, even though glass and ceramic look nice, they're easy to break.

Final Thoughts

A butter dish on white

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A butter dish is the perfect opportunity to refine your breakfast aesthetics. Brining out a smart dish, whether it's marble, porcelain, or stainless steel will help everything look tidy and well-kept. If you can, buy an airtight container too, because this will keep your butter fresher for longer.

There are plenty of options if you don't want a big dish. From smaller, round options to the innovative butter hugger and bees wrap. There's certainly an option for everyone, so get spready to tidy your kitchen up, one dish at a time.

How We Test

A wooden butter dish with sliced butter in front of sliced bread

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When we recommend products, we like to test them in person. However, that is not always possible, especially in the case of butter dishes. In lieu of our physical tests, I searched and read through the reviews of hundreds of butter dishes, so that I could determine the best for a range of butter uses. 

I read so many reviews that I know them as well as if I had tested them, if not better; I could find customers who had been using these dishes for years. We have a dedicated page for how we test if you're interested to find out more about the process.

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