9 faux olive trees that look just like the real thing

It’s time to get trending olive tree decor on your radar

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Since we’re all trying to find a glimmer of spring in a long, dark, winter, it’s absolutely no wonder that faux plants are going viral online. Olive trees, in particular, are having a major moment.

Real olive tree care can be tricky in colder climates, so it's no surprise that this viral Costco faux olive tree keeps selling out in less than five minutes. Olive trees can add a sense of refined elegance to any space, offering brightening, light trunks with deep green leaves for interest. They come in all sorts of sizes and shapes, from simple black olive tendrils to larger, more exotic looks, and you’re bound to find an option that’ll fit in perfectly with your home decor.

So while you may not want to plant a tree in the middle of your living room, a faux tree might be a way bringing some sunshine to a wintry living room. I don't like everything on the market, but after scouring the internet I've found a handful of cute options.

Best faux olive trees 2024

Faux olive trees FAQ

How do you decorate with olive trees?

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The best part of faux olive trees is the fact that they’re incredibly versatile, even being able to look great in areas that don’t get enough light. Consider adding them next to your living room couch or beside your bed for a comforting feel, or place them at your entryway to invite your guests into your home in style.

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