Best ramen bowls 2024: for ramen, udon, and phở

The best ramen bowls celebrate the flavors, textures, and cultural traditions that come with udon and phở. Our shopping experts have selected the best.

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The best ramen bowls will keep your broth warm whilst being easy to use with chopsticks. They have to be a specific shape and size: too shallow and the ramen will cool quickly, too deep and it will be hard to reach every last noodle.

There are lots of beautiful bowls on the market, but we wanted to find the best for ramen. Our team of experts have searched through hundreds of bowls, looking for the right depth, durability, shape, and size.

Different people will want different things from their bowls, but these are perfect for ramen, udon, and phở. We've found metal, stoneware, and ceramic sets, so whatever you choose to cook, you can serve it with style. 

Best ramen bowls 2024

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What is the best kind of bowl for ramen?

The perfect ramen bowl is the perfect balance of deep and shallow: not too deep that it's difficult to use chopsticks and not too shallow that your food cools quickly.

What's the best material for ramen bowls?

Ceramic, melamine, wood, and stainless steel are all excellent materials for ramen bowls. If they're made from stainless steel, make sure that they're double walled, so that your ramen doesn't cool too quickly.

What is melamine?

Melamine is an organic material which is a type of plastic. It's really useful for reusable serveware and makes an excellent ramen bowl.

Final thoughts

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Using a ramen bowl when you make a warming broth makes all the difference. They make it easy to savor every warming sip of broth and enjoy oodles of delicious noodles. We spend hours searching for the best ceramic, and metal ramen bowls. They're all easy to clean, store, and beautiful to look at. These make wonderful housewarming gifts, or, if you want to treat yourself, don't look anywhere else.

How we test

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We normally like to test everything we recommend in person, but in the case of ramen bowls, I had to research them instead. I made sure to thoroughly read the reviews for every single bowl, so that I had a clear idea of how good each bowl is. These are all highly rated and well reviewed. If there's anything you need to know about a bowl, you can guarantee that I've found it and included it here. If you want to find out more about how we test, you can visit our dedicated page.

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