Best bowls 2024 – selected by experts for pasta, soups, and more

The best bowls are all the dinnerware you need. From pastas and salads to desserts and cereal, they cover every meal. Our experts found the best for each food.

One of the best bowls, The White Company's Hampton bowl with fruit and granola on a wicker tablemat
(Image credit: The White Company)

If I had to choose one piece of dinnerware to eat all of my meals off, it would be a bowl. The perfect bowl works for pretty much every meal. 

If you make a warming soup, you'll want the perfect bowl to cup your hands around. When you've made a beautiful pasta dish, you'll want a flatter surface to spear each piece off.

You might have bought a one of the best dinnerware sets or a ramen bowl already, but different meals require different types of bowls, so I have searched the internet to find the best for every occasion.

I've thought about every bowl-worthy occasion and searched all of the best bowls on the internet. Here are fifteen of the best. I think you'll be bowled - sorry - over by them.

Best bowls 2024

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What shape of bowl is best?

This will depend on what you're eating. If your food needs a spoon, use a deep, round bowl. If you'll use a knife and fork, a flatter bowl will be much more useful.

What material is best for bowls?

Porcelains and ceramics are generally the best materials for everyday bowls because they're affordable, durable, and easy to keep clean. However, I love my coconut bowl. You can hold it in one hand and there's something about the smooth organic shape that makes every meal in a coconut bowl feel wholesome.

What is the best bowl for salad?

Eating salads from a wooden bowl can help enhance the early feel of your food. The best shape is more like a blate, with a flat bottom, because it's easier to cut large vegetables or leafy greens on them.

Are pasta bowls worth it?

Some people swear by pasta bowls. These wide and shallow bowls are extremely useful for a range of meals and the people who have them love them. These are particularly good for salads, stir fries, and grain bowls.

Why are bowls better than plates?

It's not that they're better, but bowls work for lots of different situations. They can help portion control, they work for wetter food like pastas and curries, and they're more tactile if you like to hold your dinnerware whilst you plate up. They're especially handy if you have mobility issues, because the relatively wide base and high sides make bowls more spill-proof. 

Final Thoughts

Green Beans And Frisee Salad With Spiced Vinegar And Smoked Almonds, a large white bowl of salad on a table with a white tablecloth.

(Image credit: Future)

Investing in a good set of bowls can cover your most basic dining needs. Flatter bowls are more versatile, but I love a deep bowl that I can cup with my hands and use a spoon to scoop out of. It's no secret that coconut bowls are my favorite, but I like to mix it up and use The White Company's simple Hampton Bowl for my meals. It's beautiful. 

Before you work out which bowl will be best for you, think about the meals that you eat and how much storage you have. This might sway you towards nested bowls, deep bowls, or wide bowls. Whichever you choose, make sure you eat well from them.

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