Plaid and gingham are the new florals for spring – these are some easy ways to bring these prints into your home

Plaid and gingham decor might remind you of the designs in the 1900s, but now, we can all bring a modern touch of this trend into our homes

Plaid and gingham decor
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Normally, when I think of plaid and gingham decor, I think of an Ivy League student in the 1900s in a Burberry scarf: It’s a little stuffy, tired, and, dare I say it… boring. Most plaid decor back then consisted of very dark colorways and simple designs, so they weren’t really dramatic looks, and they absolutely wouldn’t suit contemporary design styles. 

Now, however, the gingham trend is back, and it’s fresh and new to suit a modern home. Trust me: I’m not usually a plaid lover, but this is one of those interior design trends that has been given such a modern makeover, you can’t help but enjoy it: Think new colorways, different textures, plays with scale and size, and added accents, all of which make plaid decor a gorgeous addition to today’s home.

‘Plaid offers a pattern that can sway masculine or feminine; rustic or stately; and an array of color palettes from neutral to vibrant,’ says interior designer Leslie Murchie Cascino, owner of Michigan-based design firm Bonnie Wu Design. ‘They can be used in traditional or modern settings, and depending on the weave and material of the fabric, a plaid could be rendered casual or formal. Plaid comes in so many forms, so its versatility makes it an attractive pattern to use in design.’

Leslie Murchie Cascino
Leslie Murchie Cascino

Leslie Murchie Cascino is an interior designer and owner of Michigan-based design firm Bonnie Wu Design. 

The best part is, depending on your own style and the plaid variation you’ve chosen, you can make a huge statement in your home or go the more subtle route. Play with a gingham pillow on an all-white sofa for a pop, or use a whole series of plaid chairs in your living room in a neutral color scheme for it to blend in. No matter your personal preferences, there’s a plaid option out there for you, and I’ve scoured through several hundreds to find you my personal favorites.

Bonnie Wu Mudroom

(Image credit: Bonnie Wu Design)

The best plaid decor that's far from bland

The return of plaid and gingham decor proves that preppy is back, but it’s been elevated to suit the modern home. Incorporating new spring color ideas and unexpected shapes, these plaid designs are contemporary and fun. Consider adding gingham decor to one of your spring decor ideas.

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