These are the spring colors you should be decorating with for 2024, according to designers

From bright hues to warm neutrals, there's a spring paint color for every style

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore/Farrow & Ball/Dmar Interiors & Shelby Bourne)

Evenings are getting lighter and the temperature is slightly warmer, and it's got us thinking about the coming season. The spring months are wonderful for many reasons – the morning sun floods beautiful natural light into our homes, tables are decorated with seasonal blooms, and everyone's moods seem to instantly boost.

With such uplifting emotions associated with the changing season, it seems only fitting we should bring as much of that vibrancy into our homes as possible. Spring colors are key to this – whether you add an unexpected hue to a space, color drench a room, or reintroduce your favorite spring decor.

The usual go-to paint colors for spring lean toward pastels, but is this the color trend for 2024? We've turned to leading interior designers and color experts to find out which shades are exciting for the spring season ahead.

Banish the winter blues and embrace brighter hues as we gear up for spring to begin. Whether you're eager to give your space a makeover or prefer to add subtle hints of color, these are the expert-approved spring paint colors to have on your radar.

1. Spring pinks

Home painted for Spring with a blend of pink and green

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Spring is all about lifting moods and enjoying lighter and warmer days. As such, color paint trends for the season lean into the feel-good emotions, promoting hues that inject a sense of joy to interiors.

'Turning from icy cold weather to the warm start of spring, delicate brights and feel-good hues blossom. In 2024, we continue to explore and experience our every day to collect color memories that shape our home,' says Hannah Yeo, senior manager of color marketing at Benjamin Moore

When it comes to colors for the season, Hannah recommends taking inspiration from outside, and bring them inside. 'A bouquet of spring flowers, the warm sunglow and crisp blue sky all become a great point of inspiration—think of Pristine OC-75 and Teacup Rose 2170-50. These colors feel fresh and optimistic, and reflect our changing mood as we spend more time in the sun,' she adds.

People can often shy away from decorating with pink, but if you choose the right shade, the result can be a more elevated, sophisticated space than you might think. 'With a touch of blush, Pristine OC-75 adds warmth and elegance. From primary suites to hallways to nursery rooms, this feel-good color is a great alternative to beige. The delicate hue brings a warm glow into your daily routine for an inviting, comfortable and sophisticated atmosphere.'

Alternatively, if you want to inject a more vibrant hue, while still retaining that sense of elegance with a playful touch, Hannah describes Teacup Rose as 'fresh, optimistic and fun. A vibrant mix of coral and pink, this hue is sure to bring a splash of joy into your home. Impress your guests by painting your foyer with this alluring hue.'

2. Bright yellows

Traditional bathroom with a roll top bath tub painted in a bright yellow paint color

(Image credit: Lauren Gilberthorpe/Emma Lewis)

It may be a color most typically associated with Spring, but sometimes you don't need to stray away from tradition. Yellow is a bright, joyful color that will bring a dose of dopamine decor to any space. 'Yellow's vibrant and uplifting nature adds a sense of joy and freshness, perfect for spring,' says interior designer Lauren Gilberthorpe.

If a space saturated in yellow feels a bit too much for your style, there are plenty of ways to add this paint color into your interiors. 'Remember, paint doesn't need to be refined to the walls. For instance, in this project we painted the clawfoot bath in Little Greene's Giallo, injecting a burst of color and fun into the family bathroom while keeping the walls an off-white. This shows how on-trend colors can be integrated into a design scheme through key elements, creating dynamic and personal spaces,' Lauren explains.

Another way to decorate with yellow is to create your own artwork to display around your home. Use a canvas or frame more delicate pieces to add a more subtle pop of yellow – perfect for anyone who likes to swap their home decor throughout the seasons.

Lauren Gilberthorpe
Lauren Gilberthorpe

Lauren is the founder of LGI, a Cotswolds-based design studio renowned for its commitment to creating sensory-rich, multi-layered interiors. Her design philosophy emphasises the fusion of materiality, colour, and an intuitive mix of contemporary and vintage, alongside architectural and organic elements. Lauren's approach is deeply rooted in respecting each space's history, location, and architecture, allowing her to push boundaries and challenge conventional design norms innovatively. Situated in the heart of the Cotswolds, LGI stands as a testament to Lauren's unique vision for blending tradition with daring contemporary design.

3. Warm clay tones

Living room painted in a warm clay paint color

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Not everyone enjoys bright paint colors in their homes, but there is always a neutral hue that feels fitting of every season. For spring, warm clay tones are having a moment – these hues offer a welcoming, brightening effect without the injection of vibrant color, perfect for more minimalist tastes.

Joa Studholme, color curator at Farrow & Ball, recommends their paint colour Jitney, a muted earthy tone that pairs well will a multitude of other palettes. Describes as having an 'extraordinary response to light', this paint color is perfect if you want to make the most of the spring morning sunshine.

In this living room, the walls have been painted in Jitney, while the ceiling and woodwork have been coated in Stirabout, a warm oatmeal shade. The result is a space that feels cozy and inviting while offering a wonderful glow when the spring sunshine casts light through the windows.

4. Brighter palettes

Light lilac dining room with dark trim

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

Moodier paint colors have dominated recent interior design trends, so this spring, many interior designers are embracing brighter and lighter hues. 'I think we’ve had a lot of earth tones and darker colors showing up the past few years and people are now coming out on the other side of that, wanting to brighten things up a bit,' says Kristin Harrison, interior designer and owner of Bungalow 10 Interiors

Although there is still a place for these deeper tones, it's certainly time to introduce more uplifting paint colors to interiors. 'I think we are going to see a lot of happy, brighter colors this spring,' she says, suggesting lilacs and pinks will be taking center stage.

'If you’re scared to commit to more expensive items with these hues, start with smaller accessories like pillows, vases and even lamps. See how you like the addition before delving into a more permanent aspect of your home.'

5. Soft greens

Children's room painted in a muted green paint color and paired with a classic white on the ceiling and upper part of the walls

(Image credit: Dmar Interiors/Shelby Bourne)

Spring is all about bringing and element of the garden into your home, so it probably comes as no surprise that shades of green are perfect paint colors for the season. 

'Contented by Sherwin Williams is the perfect soft and smokey green with shades of blue and grey,' says Mollie Ranize, lead interior designer and founder at Dmar Interiors. Instead of opting for popular tones like sage or forest green, this hue feels more muted and versatile.

'It's the perfect color to uplift a historic home like this 1908 Victorian, but would also look chic in a modern home. Another bonus is that it pairs well with any earth tone,' she adds. In this scheme, Contented has been paired with a white hue, adding character and warmth to the space without feeling overwhelming. 

As well as being a shade inspired by nature, green offers a feeling of tranquility to space, boosting wellbeing. 'Like the stem of the blooming flowers, Meadow Mist OC-134 brings the spring breeze into your living space. It’s light, inherently sophisticated and comfortable which are all the elements you need to create a quiet oasis,' adds says Hannah Yeo. 'Consider painting the bathroom to boost self-care. Breakfast nooks and living rooms are also a great fit.'

Mollie Ranize, DMAR Interiors
Mollie Ranize

Mollie Ranize is the founder of Dmar Interiors, a nationally recognized design firm based in sunny Southern California. She has been known for her 3T Method for 20+ years: designing Tasteful, Tailored and Timeless interiors.  

6. Muted pastels

light blue modern farmhouse kitchen with terracotta floors and wooden ceiling beams

(Image credit: deVOL Kitchens)

Pastel paint colors may seem like an obvious choice for spring, but if it works, why change it? For Shelagh Conway, principal and founder of Triple Heart Design, it's all about the materials and textures you pair the pastels with.

'I believe that pastels are going to be even stronger in paint color selections, paired with rich woods such as walnut or oak. I’m loving spaces with SW Sand Dollar or SW Skyline Steel, hardwoods and timeless architectural features painted SW Egret White,' she explains. 

'Mixing styles such as minimalist wood slab cabinets paired with turn-of-the-century base molding and natural stone such as marble or quartzite is earthy and elegant. The rich contrast in both color and design is simply stunning and I’m here for it!'

As you might have expected, the spring paint color trends for 2024 are all influenced by the natural landscape of the season. Instead of solely focusing of the bright, poppy pastels the season is typically associated with, this year's focus leans towards more muted, earthy variations of the palette. The end result feels more timeless, so you can ensure whichever paint color you choose, it will certainly endure!

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