If you love Scandinavian decor, you'll want to shop all of these simple yet chic homeware picks

Scandinavian decor is never going out of style, and for good reason. Here are my favorite Scandinavian decor picks for inviting this laidback look into your space

A selection of my favorite Scandinavian decor items
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Scandinavian decor is so classic, we can hardly call it a trend anymore, and the unfussy, pared-back interior design style is distinctive for several reasons. Not only does the winning combination of form and function create aesthetically pleasing interiors, but the uncluttered look is inviting, yet practical at the same time.

‘In a nutshell, Scandinavian design (incorporating the countries Norway, Sweden, and Denmark) focuses on clean lines and sleek surfaces, with a sense of minimalism at its core,’ says interior designer Leigh Kirby, founder of New York City-based interior design firm Weatherleigh Interiors. ‘The color scheme tends to be neutral, and there’s also a focus on comfort: Think textured throws, soft carpets, and expertly tailored bedsheets.’

The detailing in Scandinavian decor pieces tends to be subtle, but the emphasis on form is what makes sure these items command attention and allows for that functionality that can be missing from more modern design. ‘It doesn't leave beauty for the sake of beauty behind,’ adds Kirby. 'Instead, it weaves beauty into the practicality of each piece. It's both clean and cozy at the same time.’

If you’re looking for functional options that still feel inviting and lived-in, you should absolutely add some Scandinavian decor pieces to your space. I scoured through all of my favorite retailers to find you the Scandinavian decor pieces that truly exemplify this interior design style.

Scandinavian dining room painted in a warm white color

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Scandinavian decor pieces are all the rage, and for good reason: After all, who wouldn’t love timeless, inviting design with a focus on form and function equally? While it can be hard to find well-made Scandinavian decor pieces that truly encapsulate this elegant style, once you begin to incorporate some of these items into your home, you’ll soon become addicted to how fuss-free, yet cozy your home suddenly begins to feel.

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

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