Meet the super-sleek and powerful vacuum cleaner that works miracles around my home

My carpets, rugs, and hard floors are literally spotless

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I'm someone who takes pride in my Sunday cleaning routine and knows that finding the right vacuum cleaner is the key to a pristine home. And lately, my outdated one has not been getting the job done. It's way too bulky, it misses hard-to-reach areas, and it only cleans the surface. So I compiled a list of must-have features and set out to find the perfect option. 

The most important characteristic I'm looking for is smart technology that provides an enhanced and thorough cleaning experience. I'm a curly-haired woman who sheds a lot, so finding a device that prevents stray hairs from wrapping around the brush head would literally be a miracle. (I'm sure pet owners can empathize with me, too.) Finally, the less space it takes up, the better. I want something that's lightweight yet powerful. 

Dreametech's R20 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner checks all my boxes and more. The device is powerful and effective (not to mention sleek), making it a game changer for cleaning my living space. It features blue LED lights that expose dirt and debris in hidden areas. This way, its advanced dirt detection can assess the amount of dust concentration and intuitively deliver the proper suction power to clean my carpets, rugs and hard floors. And its cordless design and 90-minute battery life allow for easy maneuvering so I can clean my entire living space in just one go. I can't recommend it enough. 

Below, find out more about this must-have cleaning device and the other models in its range. Plus, you can enjoy a special discount on the following Dreametech products using the code HOMESGARDENS at checkout. 

Dreametech Vacuum Cleaners

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