Interior designers say these bathroom floor tile trends will be big in 2024 – and there are a lot of bolder colors

From striking patterns to unexpected shapes, these are the seven bathroom floor tile trends designers are loving as of late

Three bathrooms with distinct floor tiles
(Image credit: Jake Shea / Becky Shea Design; JAM; STUDIO LIFE / STYLE)

Bathroom floor tile is often overlooked in interior design, taking a backseat to more evident features like vanities and bathtubs. But there's a lot to love about bathroom floors – there's a nearly endless supply of eye-catching colors, shapes and layouts. 

If your bathroom is in need of a refresh, it might be time to look to the floors for a transformative spruce-up. We spoke with interior designers, who shared the top seven bathroom floor tile trends they anticipate seeing more of in 2024 – here's what they're loving this year.

Bathroom floor tiles aren't going anywhere – and they're only getting more exciting. These are the tile materials, colors, shapes and layouts that designers currently love for the bathroom floor.

1. Unique shapes

A shower with white geometric tiles on the wall and terracotta geometric tiles on the floor

(Image credit: Ca'Pietra)

Square- and rectangle-shaped tiles are well and good, but nontraditional shapes will be all the rage in 2024, says Grazzie Wilson – head of creative at Ca'Pietra. 

Grazzie says floor tiles will be '100% fabulous' in the new year, sporting 'detail-driven finishing touches, borders and less obvious orientations.' The tiles themselves will come in unique shapes, creating captivating layouts when interlocked.

'Geometric tiles are also trending when it comes to bathroom floors, and they are having a facelift for 2024 with a new color palette that is softer and fresher than we’ve seen previously. Think muted and pastel shades, but without losing the energy that geometric design embodies,' she says.

Bathrooms that transport people to entirely different locations through their design will also be big – and Grazzie notes the bathroom floor is an unexpected yet simple place to start.

'The trend grounds your space in a sense of elsewhere so you can literally step foot into Andalusia, Cuba, Morocco or wherever your imagination feels its happiest,' she says.

A headshot of Grazzie Wilson from Ca'Pietra
Grazzie Wilson

Grazzie Wilson is head of creative at Ca'Pietra, a luxury stone and tile brand based in the UK.

2. Eye-catching patterns

A bathroom with a freestanding bathtub and patterned tile on the ground

(Image credit: JAM)

Compelling tile patterns are also rising in popularity, introducing visual interest and fun to bathroom design schemes. In this bathroom, pictured above, small mosaic tiles in surprising colors add joy to a minimalistic space. Pairing beautifully with dark green cabinetry, a stunning outdoor view, and a nature-inspired print, this bathroom floor tile pattern is the perfect example of what's to come in 2024. 

'We’re seeing interesting patterns of all kinds, as well as juxtapositions in material selections – like using floor tile versus wall tile, or using different materials and patterns to delineate spaces such as the shower versus rest of the bathroom,' says Joe McGuier and Megan Prime of Brooklyn-based JAM.

Two interior designers
Joe McGuier and Megan Prime

JAM, a full-service architecture and design studio based in Brooklyn, was founded in 2014 by architects Joe McGuier and Megan Prime.

3. Mixing and matching shapes and colors

A bathroom with blue patterned tile on the floor and white vertical tile on the walls, with a view from an olive green room

(Image credit: Future)

Thoughtful pairings of tile types, whether mismatched in size, color or shape, will also dominate bathroom floor trends in 2024, designers say. The key here is unanticipated juxtaposition.

Lauren Robbins, founder and lead designer of Lauren Robbins Interiors, says she's seen 'a lot of great color combinations and geometric shapes so far,' including 'color combinations that initially feel unexpected but warm up on you, feeling fresh and out of the box the more you see them.'

'Zia Tile has a line that was recently released with a mix of diamonds, squares and trapezoids that lead to beautiful patterns when all of the varying colors are put together. Truly stunning!' she says.

A headshot of designer Lauren Robbins
Lauren Robbins

Lauren Robbins is the Founder and Lead Designer of Lauren Robbins Interiors, a residential design studio based in Georgia.

'Bathrooms should be jewel boxes! They're a great place to push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something more daring,' says Tyler Del Vento, founder and principal designer of New York City-based TDV Design.

Though trends can be enticing, Tyler suggests proceeding with caution – floor tile is quite permanent, and can be costly and difficult to replace. She recommends 'classic colorways' to her clients, noting that long-loved styles don't have to be boring or off-trend: 'Geometric marble mosaics in bold patterns have been and will always be in style because they’re timeless,' she says.

Tyler also agrees that mismatched floor tiles will be big in 2024, noting that metallic inlays and unexpected combinations are on the rise.

'For example, use a larger scale pattern on the main floor, but for the shower floor and shower niche, use a different but complementary smaller scale tile as an accent,' suggests Tyler.

4. Oversized tile

A neutral-colored bathroom with a walk-in shower

(Image credit: Stephani Buchman Photography / Jessica Cinnamon Design)

'What is in right now, and what we are using in our projects, is large, oversized tiles –this look is very popular. Most of our bathrooms have a large porcelain tile that is honed or has a slight texture,' says Jessica Cinnamon, interior designer and founder of Jessica Cinnamon Design.

Large floor tiles gives the bathroom a timeless look, allowing you to avoid grout lines and fully appreciate veining and other patterns, says Jessica. She suggests porcelain for a low-maintenance version of marble that's easy to clean.

'We feel that the honed or slightly textured finish gives a more inviting and warmer feel. Many of our bathroom designs have curbless showers, and we love having the floor be continuous throughout the bathroom giving a more cohesive look.  Because we are using non-slip tiles, we can continue the same large format tile into the showers,' says Jessica.

A headshot of designer Jessica Cinnamon
Jessica Cinnamon

Jessica Cinnamon is an interior designer and the founder of Jessica Cinnamon Design, a residential and commercial firm based in Canada.

5. Mosaic layouts

A bathroom with white mosaic tiles on the floor and a light pink vanity

(Image credit: STUDIO LIFE / STYLE)

Mosaic tile will never go out of style, and it's back in a big way in 2024. Noz Nozawa, founder and principal designer at Noz Design, says the material offers benefits on both aesthetic and functional fronts.

'I'm excited to be seeing more energy for mosaic bathroom floors because the smallness of a mosaic tile allows you so much freedom aesthetically – but also, as a designer whose worst nightmare is slipping in the bathroom, mosaic floors are great for their grippy properties,' she says.

Noz adds that she's having fun with pattern turning extra attention to plaid configurations on the bathroom floor – an inventive use of the everlasting pattern. 'Plaid is unexpectedly on my radar for TILE, of all things – from my own Buffalo check bathroom to a colleague's mosaic Tartan plaid bathroom floor,' she says.

A headshot of designer Noz Nozawa
Noz Nozawa

Noz Nozawa is the Founder and Principal Designer at Noz Design, an award-winning, full-service design studio based in San Francisco.

6. Tumbled stone

A bathroom with a freestanding tub and large windows

(Image credit: Jake Shea / Becky Shea Design)

Tumbled stone isn't new by any means, but the well-loved material is back in 2024 for its timeless nature. Becky Shea, interior designer and founder of Becky Shea Design, says tumbled stone is her go-to for bathroom floor designs. Often in large formats, and adopting earthy color schemes, tumbled stone flooring makes a bathroom feel serene and inviting.

'There's an inherent richness, organic quality and a touch of historical influence in this material that imparts a timeless and warm vibe to any space. The way it effortlessly blends modern aesthetics with a sense of enduring charm is truly captivating,' says Becky.

Becky Shea
Becky Shea

Becky Shea is a full-service interior designer and lifestyle entrepreneur in New York City. She co-founded her studio, Becky Shea Design, where she currently works as the creative director. Her work is rooted in her love for natural materials that celebrate sustainability and craftsmanship from the local artisan community.

7. Earthy patterns and hues

A bathroom with a freestanding tub and a large piece of artwork hanging above

(Image credit: Mike Chajecki / Shaunn Lipsey + Co.)

Earthy colors and textures are on trend for every room of the house as of late, and the bathroom is no exception. Organic color schemes are dominating bathroom floor trends, pulling natural colors and materials from the outdoors in.

'Right now, bathroom floors are all about natural beauty with a modern twist. Think marble and terrazzo for that earthy yet luxe feel, says Marie Cloud, owner and principal designer of Indigo Pruitt Design Studio.

Though she says tile shapes are getting 'playful,' with 'hexagons and herringbones everywhere,' Marie notes that color schemes are tending more neutral.

'Color-wise, it's all about keeping it chill with neutrals, but don't be afraid to throw in a bold tile here and there for some drama. I'm also loving the matte finishes that are not just cool but practical too – less slip, more grip!' she says.

A headshot of designer Marie Cloud
Marie Cloud

Marie Cloud is the Owner and Principal Designer of Indigo Pruitt Design Studio, a full-service firm based in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Shaunn Lipsey, principal designer and owner of Shaunn Lipsey + Co., adds that the tumbled stone look – and tumbled marble in particular – fits neatly into the earthy tone trend. She says hues like 'sandy beiges and warm browns prevail,' creating a calming environment in any space.

'Alongside tumbled marble, contrasting materials like sleek porcelain or terrazzo tiles are continuing to gain traction. Natural stone accents like mosaics introduce organic textures, while large format tiles minimize grout lines, enhancing the perception of spaciousness,' says Shaunn.

If your bathroom is due for an update, there are so many tile trends to try out – no matter your design style. Go bold with your tile selection or pare back the look with earthy neutrals, and your bathroom will be fresh and set for the rest of 2024.

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