These 5 flooring trends are officially outdated for 2024, according to interior designers

From all things gray to patterned tiles, these are the flooring styles designers are avoiding

outdated flooring trends, dining area with wooden flooring, bathroom with gray patterned tiled flooring, living room with beige carpet
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Deciding on the right flooring is one of the most important decor choices you'll make, for any room of your home. Often a costly investment, your flooring choice should reflect your interior design style while being robust enough to withstand daily footfall. 

When choosing the best flooring ideas, turning to the latest flooring trends can be a great place to start, reflecting both functional and stylish options. However, it's equally important to be aware of outdated flooring trends to ensure you avoid making any interior design mistakes.

We spoke to interior designers to get their take on the flooring trends that now feel outdated, which we've rounded up below.

While home decor ideas are subjective and you should embrace what works for you, if you are aiming to create an on-trend look, designers advise steering clear of these looks in 2024.

1. All things gray

Large living space with high ceilings, gray-beige painted walls, large hanging chandelier over seating area, gray stone flooring, two brown-gray sofas facing one another, rectangular glass coffee table with books, large cut-out fire place with stove and log storage underneath, rounded metallic side tables, matching wooden console tables either side of fireplace, decorated with lamps, ornaments and one painted mounted above on one side

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Decorating with gray has seen much debate over recent years. While some love this cool neutral, others feel strongly that it makes spaces feel drab and uninspiring. According to designers, the latter is the case when it comes to gray flooring ideas

'Gray is falling out of favor as we’re rejecting anything clinical or cold in pursuit of warm, cozy palettes,' observes Neel Bradham, CEO at flooring company Parador. 'Beiges, medium browns, and dark chocolatey woods will reign for our floors in the coming year.'

While the use of gray can apply to all sorts of flooring types, interior designer Elizabeth Sims, founder of CALAFIA Home Design adds that gray feels particularly outdated when used as a substitute for natural wood: 'I love gray, but it's not a natural tone for wood. Wood flooring ideas should feel like the real thing, and retain its natural warmth.'

2. Wide plank, farmhouse-inspired wood

Dinesen flooring

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Although farmhouse decor ideas remain a core interior design trend in 2024, design experts say that farmhouse-inspired flooring can somtimes feel outdated when replicated. Massachusetts-based interior designer Robin Gannon of Robin Gannon Interiors explains that wide plank wood flooring may not be the most on-trend style for 2024:

'I feel that wide plank light floors – anything farmhouse-related – feel like something that’s been done. It’s had its moment.' She points to traditional decorating ideas as a more stylish choice when it comes to choosing flooring this year: 'Tradition is coming back a bit more, as is depth of color. You can never go wrong with a warm wood floor, wider than what’s typical of builder grade, but not like the eight or nine-inch planks – unless you actually have a farmhouse!'

3. Artificial wood

bedroom with cast iron bed with rust colored throw and view to sitting room with white walls

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When choosing the best type of flooring for your home, there are many factors to consider, weighing up both aesthetic appeal and practicality. While you should first and foremost choose the flooring that works best for your household, designers say that artificial wood can look outdated, favoring the worn look of natural wood instead.

'If you want the look of a wood floor, go for the real thing, and let it age,' says Elizabeth Sims. 'I think Americans can be overly concerned with things retaining their newness. When I go to Europe, I can't help but love all the scuffed wood and patinated marble. It has authentic character and quality. Plus, I've heard anecdotally that some of these engineered products don't really stand up to flooding and other damage. Finally, they're more environmentally wasteful.'

4. Patterned floor tiles

Bathroom floor with encaustic tiles

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While tile trends of a solid color remain a classic look throughout the home, whether for bathroom flooring ideas or kitchen flooring ideas, some designers say that patterned floor tiles can run the risk of looking outdated. 

'Patterned tiles on floors now are feeling a little dated,' says interior designer Laura Williams, owner and lead designer at ATX Interior Design. However, if you do love the look of playful patterned tiles, Laura adds that there are plenty of other spaces to decorate with them besides the floor: 'I do feel like patterned tiles still have a home on walls, stair treads, backsplashes or even outdoor areas.'

5. Nondescript carpets and rugs

Living room with green shutters and fireplace

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In 2024, interior spaces that feel deeply personal and eclectic continue to lead the way, thanks to trends such as dopamine decor. It's no surprise then, to see this sentiment applied to flooring styles, too. Designers suggest that nondescript, pared-back carpet ideas and rug styles can look outdated, whereas more experimental options are in style for 2024. 

'Matching patterns and coordinated furnishings have given way to a more electing mix of pattern and color for interior designs,' says Andy Guard, creative director at flooring company Roger Oates Design. 'Embracing playful patterns and contrasting colors can add drama and excitement to a scheme.'

Elizabeth Sims adds that layering rugs on top of carpets not only creates an on-trend look, but also helps a room feel more cozy, especially for bedroom ideas: 'Certain spaces, especially bedrooms, can feel so plush and luxurious with the right carpeting, and there are lots of low-pile styles that you can even layer rugs over to define zones and add impact.'

While designers say these flooring styles are some of the most outdated, there are plenty of other options that will create a more on-trend, stylish look. If you're looking for more fresh design ideas, we've rounded up the top interior design trends for 2024 that will be sure to inspire your next remodel.

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