Flooring trends 2024 – designers predict these 8 styles will lead the way in interiors this year

Interior designers reveal the flooring styles that will take center stage in 2024

flooring trends throughout the home
(Image credit: Catherine Ebert Interiors/Kristen Francis, Studio Duggan/Credit MLH, Nick Smith)

Flooring is one of the most important design elements of any home. Not only does flooring need to prioritize practicality to endure heavy daily footfall, but its style will set the tone for the rest of the space, whether that's traditional, maximal, or rustic to name just a few.

There are so many flooring styles to choose from, spanning classic options that never date, to more experimental flooring that creates a vibrant and playful look. Here, we've rounded up eight flooring trends that designers expect will be the most prominent throughout 2024, catering to many different interior design styles. 

Whether you're remodeling your bathroom and want to experiment with on-trend floor tiles or want to decorate with rugs to achieve a cozy bedroom, there are lots of flooring ideas here to give you some inspiration along the way. 

For 2024, flooring trends include timeless options that work seamlessly across many interior design styles for a pared-back look, as well as far more experimental flooring options. These playful styles – think brightly colored tiles and geometric designs – represent a wider shift in the design world in 2024 toward personality-led design.

1. Mosaic tiles in geometric patterns

bathroom with geometric mosaic floor tiles

(Image credit: Catherine Ebert Interiors/Kristen Francis)

Starting with mosaic tiles, more specifically those with geometric patterns, as shown above in this bathroom designed by Catherine Ebert Interiors. 'Patterned flooring has been very popular over the past few years and I expect to see that continue in 2024,' says designer Catherine Ebert. 

'Mosaic tiles in geometric patterns are often a go-to for me, such as in this powder room because they animate the space in spaces where you cannot rely on rugs and furnishings to provide interest. Multi-colored marble mosaics have been really on the rise and I'm looking forward to using some with more curvilinear forms in the coming year!'

2. Art Deco-inspired parquet

parquet flooring in traditional living room with leather sofa armchair and desk

(Image credit: Havwoods)

Parquet is a timeless style that promotes a feeling of grandeur, especially when used in large, open spaces such as living room flooring. Designers expect that this wooden flooring style will continue to be embraced throughout 2024 for its widespread appeal. 

'I think we’ll continue to see the use of hardwood floor inlays and geometric parquet patterns,' observes interior designer Lauren Sullivan, founder of Well by Design. 'They feel nostalgic yet timeless, and I love the Art Deco vibe they bring to a space.'

3. Natural flooring options

kitchen with wooden flooring and green cabinetry

(Image credit: Studio Duggan/Credit MLH)

'Authentic finishes and raw materials is a key flooring trend this year,' observes Lorna Williams, Head of Product Design and Visual Creation at flooring company Amtico. 'Soft and minimal, think warmer, rustic woods and brushed metals that bring a polished, minimalist aesthetic, and juxtapose beautifully with modern furnishings for layered and characterful spaces.'

This trend extends to staircase ideas too, as Andy Guard, Creative Director at Roger Oates Design explains: 'Incorporating natural wood stair treads and balustrades in both natural and dark woods provides an extra level of depth and warmth. A stair runner is the ideal accompaniment to echo surrounding wood tones.'

Andy Guard black and white headshot
Andy Guard

Andy’s love of textiles is born out of an appreciation of the three-dimensional makeup of constructed fabric and the challenge of making something from scratch. After attending Textile Design at Central Saint Martins a chance meeting with Roger and Faye Oates led to a relationship that would crisscross his working life. 

4. Quiet luxury-inspired flooring (a.k.a marble)

Neutral bathroom with checkerboard marble flooring

(Image credit: Julie Soefer/Marie Flanigan Interiors)

'We expect quiet luxury, which was a major trend in both fashion and interiors throughout 2023, to continue to dominate interiors and flooring throughout 2024,' says Lorna Williams. 

'Thanks to its timeless appeal and quiet sophistication, this is a trend that never goes away and is just updated a little from season to season. For flooring that embraces quiet luxury, look to warming and sophisticated dark woods and stunning marbles that imbue interiors with a subtle luxurious finish and confident elegance.'

5. Colorful tiles

Traditional wooden unit with two round sinks in a bathroom with Victorian floor tiles in blue and yellow.

(Image credit: Future)

Colorful tiles are a great way to bring a splash of color into your home, especially through bathroom flooring. Interior designer Elizabeth Sims, founder of California-based CALAFIA Home Design  expects to see this trend embraced throughout the coming year: 

'I love the amount of creative tile options for flooring that are available now. Marble, mosaic, terrazzo, and terracotta are evocative of the intricate, colorful floors and streets found throughout Europe. Modern ceramic and cement tiles are available in so many colors and shapes that they can easily make flooring the only big accent a room needs to feel special.'

6. Rustic hardwood

farmhouse hallway with cushions on a bench, wooden flooring, doorframes, window

(Image credit: Purple Cherry Architects)

Rustic decor is showing no signs of stopping in 2024, so it's no surprise to see rustic flooring continue to be embraced. Rustic flooring is all about imperfect natural wood that fully embraces daily wear and tear to contribute to its charm. 

This flooring trend can often also reflect the darker tones of wood to embrace a moody look, as interior designer Jill Norman, co-founder of Studio Mesa explains: 'Clients have been swaying away from the wide plank, oak hardwood trend that we've been seeing for many years towards narrower planks with darker, more saturated stains.'

7. Durable and practical options

Airy and angular kitchen with kitchen island in white, wood flooring looking out on garden with French doors, and art work on shelves with bench below

(Image credit: David Lovatti)

As tempting as it is to opt for a highly trend-led type of flooring, practicality should always take precedence. Flooring is a costly aspect of home decor so it's important to consider how well it will last for years to come. Interior designers predict that flooring that requires less upkeep and can withstand heavy footfall will be a popular choice throughout 2024. 

'We see American hickory becoming popular for residential flooring in 2024,' says designer Maria Vassiliou of Maria Zoe Designs. 'With so many families asking for more durable, long-lasting materials to withstand the likes of children and pets, hickory can be an excellent choice with many varieties for character and color.'

Gaelle Dudley, interior designer and founder of GLDESIGN sees engineered flooring also rising in popularity this year, explaining: 'We have been doing a lot more projects which call for engineered flooring versus traditional hardwood. The upkeep is less and the look is the same. It’s incredible how far flooring has come and the options are endless! A character-grade white oak engineered floor is extremely durable for highly trafficked spaces and more pet and family-friendly than a softer hardwood.'

Gaelle Dudley
Gaelle Dudley

Gaelle Dudley is the founder and creative director of GLDESIGN, an interior design firm based in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Inspired by her childhood in France, New England shorelines, California Dreams and Florida pastels, Gaelle and the GLDESIGN team weave beach living into every client’s home.

8. Layered rugs

Small living room with blue patterned sofa, checkered armchair, artwork and wall lights on walls, colorful rug

(Image credit: James Merrell)

As maximal decor continues to gain popularity in 2024, we're seeing this reflected through flooring styles, too. Layering rugs is a great way to achieve an eclectic and 'lived-in' look, experimenting with layering different colors and textures for added interest. It's also a great way to create a cozy feel in spaces such as bedrooms

'Recently, we’re seeing people overlay fitted carpet with colorful rugs, a rich, textured, layered look,' says Jodie Hatton, Design Manager at Brintons. 'A rug is a different kind of investment – you can move it around and have fun with it and sell it on.'

Jodie Hatton
Jodie Hatton

Jodie is a textile designer with over 10 years experience in bespoke design with a focus on high end interior projects.

The same trend can be applied to staircases too, by opting to add a colorful runner on top of a neutral carpet to create a statement entryway. 'Using a bold, eye-catching stair runner adds a touch of personality and drama to the upstairs, offering impact when entering the house,' says Andy Guard.

If you're looking to experiment with layering rugs, shop some of our favorites below to style throughout your home.

If you're considering changing your flooring this year, take note of these trends to ensure you choose an up-to-date look. While practicality should play a large part in informing your choice, flooring is equally a great way to add personality to a space – just make sure it's something you'll love for years to come.

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