These are the biggest tile trends for 2024 – stripes, textures, innovative layouts and more

Explore the top tile trends for 2024, with new takes on traditional classics, tactile textures and statement shapes and materials

tile trends 2024
(Image credit: Ca’ Pietra)

Tile trends are one of the easiest ways to bring some character into your most practical spaces like the living room and kitchen. There are so many options when it comes to colors, patterns, finishes, and layouts that can lift a space even if you aren't doing a full remodel. And this year's trends are so covetable and very much in line with the overarching design trends of 2024 that are all about creating homes with character and leaning into what you love. 

We ask designers and industry experts for their favorite tile trends they say we will be seeing everywhere this year. There's color, pattern, new and exciting layouts, heavy textures, and plenty of influence from more traditional tile designs too. 

'In 2024, I anticipate a burst of creativity in tile design,' explains designer Julie Anne Burch. 'Picture sharp colors derived from nature, creating vibrant and dynamic spaces. Artisans will embrace organic materials, crafting tiles with intriguing shapes and textures that add depth to any room. Get ready for unique layouts and color schemes that spark curiosity and captivate the eye.'

So for the tile trends of 2024 there is something for everyone, whether you want to make your kitchen more transitional or your powder room pop with bold shades.

When picking tile ideas for your home, key aspects to consider include the tile material and finish, size, color, pattern, layout and, ultimately, the overall look and impact you want to achieve with the design.

From walls to floors, countertops, and all manner of surfaces, tiles can be used to add beautiful texture, impactful color, and artistic pattern to the home, as well as establish layers of strong protection.

With so many changing trends and styles to choose from, these transformative tile trends for 2024 can help you narrow down your selections and be in the know with the latest in tile design.

1. Delft tiles

Kitchen worktop with blue and white Delft style wall tiles and crockery, and shelf with glasses and jars.

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

'Delft tiles are back big time,' says designer Emily Henderson. 'The originals are, of course, the most beautiful but there are a lot of companies trying to make pretty new versions and doing a great job.'

Rustic farmhouse kitchens are always on trend, but this is new (well, actually very old) tile trend we are seeing being using in this style of space. Delft tiles originate from Europe, the Netherlands specifically, and are usually blue and white, depicting some kind of bucolic scene. They are having a resurgence in 2024, perfect for adding character and charm to any style of kitchen. You can still find original, vintage delft tiles, but they are still being made by suppliers all over the world so easy to get your hands on. 

Emily Henderson
Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson is Emily Henderson is a stylist, interior designer, HGTV host, and founder of Emily Henderson Design which she's been running for over a decade. Emily provides us with style inspiration every day over on her Instagram, and her blog is a great source of ideas for DIYs and making the most of your space. 

2. Tiles with lots of texture

Bathroom with large windows and herringbone patterned floor tiles

(Image credit: Kati Curtis Design)

You could say that with whatever tile you choose, the design will add texture and dimension to a room, however, recent tile trends show that more of us are opting for tiles with more irregular, shifting surfaces, rather than those that are smooth and sleek. Glossy flat tiles are out and 2024 is all about tiles and finishes that have a ton of character. 

'There are so many great tile trends that continue to evolve, bringing a mix of classic designs and innovative pattern and finishes to the forefront. We’re using a good amount of Terrazzo tile which I love for its durability and the playful yet sophisticated aesthetic it can bring to any space.' explains designer Kati Curtis

'Concrete tiles are great for making a bold statement, offering colorful and fun palettes allowing us to customize interiors with vibrant hues and intricate designs. Moroccan tiles, known for their rich color variations and geometric patterns, inject warmth and global charm, inviting a sense of wanderlust that I love,' she adds.

Kati Curtis
Kati Curtis

Kati Curtis is the founder of Kati Curtis Design, an design firm based in New York City specializing in classic design with a global influence. Kati founded the studio in 2005 after 12 years of working with international architecture and engineering firms. 

3. New layouts to make old classics more current

A black and white tiled bathroom

(Image credit: Ca'Pietra)

Tile trends are just about the tile this year, but the layouts too. Designers are getting more creative with tile layouts.

'It doesn’t get much more classic than subway tile, but instead of the traditional brick lay, put a modern spin by stacking the tiles, either vertically or horizontally,' explains Jennifer Verruto, Founder and CEO of Blythe Interiors. 'You can also opt for a hand-molded look, instead of a completely perfect rectangle, to bring an artisan flair to your space.'

'While the stacked tile look is currently trending, it’s also going to look amazing for years to come. Our clients are loving this simple, clean and elevated look.'

Grazzie Wilson, Head of Creative at Ca’ Pietra agrees tile layouts are getting more innovative an exciting this year, transforming classic into totally new looks. 'Another tile trend we’ll see when it comes to how to lay your tiles is to use tiles to frame, or in other words, tile framing!' she shares.

'A more subtle way to lay tiles but with lots of impact, tiles can be used to highlight various features of your home, for example shower brassware or even your bath. Either choose tiles in the same color palette as the rest of the room, or go bold and use an additional, bolder color.'

White woman with brown bob smiling on couch is Grazzie of Ca'Pietra
Grazzie Wilson

Grazzie Wilson is head of creative at Ca'Pietra, a luxury stone and tile brand based in the UK.

4. Bolder colors and prints

Pink and green small kitchen

(Image credit: ALICIA WAITE)

Dopamine decor remains a huge trend for 2024. Decorating with colors and patterns that bring joy can be seen in the tile trends for the year too, with more designers and homeowners using tile to play with brighter shades. 

'Demand for patterned tiles continues to go from strength to strength, again in keeping with the trend for creating characterful interiors which are a joy to spend time in' explains James Sirett, Head of Product, at Fired Earth

'Gone are the days when people worried that anything other than neutral walls and floors might deter potential buyers if and when it ever came to selling a property. People are really embracing the power of home to make them happy and they're becoming much bolder – and brighter! – in their choices.'

5. Stripes

Red bathroom with striped tiles in the walk in shower

(Image credit: Ca’ Pietra)

Speaking of pattern, we are seeing a lot of decorating with stripes. And not just on wallpapers and fabrics but with tiles too. They add a whimsical, fun touch to a bathroom and yet still very chic. 

'Stripes are in,' says Grazzie. 'Style up your bathroom with striped tiles and you’ll find yourself at the top of the decor charts. You can also get creative with how you create your stripes, choosing to add layers of stripes into the same room. Lay them vertically and horizontally in the same space, and if you want to get bold, create unique patterns such as a rug effect with your striped tiles – think of it as stripes on stripes!'

6. Checkerboard

pink and white tiles, green cabinetry, rattan chair, sculptural table lamp, orange, terracotta style wall tiles


(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

We all know that checkerboard has taken the world of fashion and interiors by storm over the last few years, and whether you like it or not, this classic pattern is staying around this year. 

Whether you opt for a more traditional black and white palette or create a union of vibrant, modern colors, a checkerboard tile pattern can add a beautiful, graphic touch to a space. 

'Checkerboard, once subsumed within traditional design, has now emerged as its very own trend, and evolved into one of the hottest surface and tile trends within bathrooms. We should also mention that stripes are just as popular, and for the ultimate combination, the two can be contrasted together,' says Barrie Cutchie, design director at BC Designs.

Even though checkerboard is one of the most popular styles of tile, there is so much variety in terms of color, size and material, so you really can establish an utterly unique checkerboard tile design in your home.

7. Timeless terracotta

Terracotta tiles in bathroom, wooden cabinet, white wall tiles, cabinet decorated with mirror and accessories

(Image credit: Mandarin Stone)

An ancient, earthenware tile that has been used for thousands of years, terracotta will always be one of the most popular and enduring tile trends. 

Hamish Smith, creative director at Ca’Pietra says, 'When it comes to choosing tiles, terracotta designs are certainly having their moment. From baked clay tones that warm up any room, to earthy texture with just the right balance between rugged and refined, it’s no wonder that terracotta is a forever trend.'

Hamish goes on to say, 'The beauty of terracotta is that it builds up a patina over time. In other words, the more you use it and the older it gets, the better and more characterful it will look. To add an inviting warmth to your space, lay these tiles from the kitchen through to an entryway, cloakroom, and dining room.'

The tile trends of 2024 are all very much in line with the wider trend for embracing styles you love, creating spaces that are filled with charm and character and reflect the person behind the rooms. Neutral tiles will always be on trend, but this year we are seeing more color, more pattern and more texture being used to create joyful spaces. 

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