I’m a shopping writer – these are the best rugs you can buy

You can build a room around a rug. From runners to round rugs, statement pieces to subtle accents, these are my favorites

Showroom with shelves of folded rugs and a selection of rugs hung on the far wall and on the floor.
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The right rug can really tie a room together. It can bring texture and interest into the plainest spaces, transforming dull hardwood or vinyl flooring into a feature. The best rugs can even fine-tune your room’s acoustics, absorbing sound to create a cozier, quieter space. 

With three main types of rug to choose from – area rugs, accent rugs, and runners – and an endless variety of styles, not to mention the ever-increasing number of rug retailers, it can be hard to know how to choose a rug

To save you time and the trouble of scrolling, I’ve spent hours scouring all the best places to buy rugs to bring you my top picks. These rugs are strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. They’re durable, dependable, and seriously stylish, too. 

Whether you’re looking for an indoor or an outdoor rug, a statement piece or a classic pick, I’ve found the rug that’s right for you. 

Best rugs 2023

Best rugs 2023 FAQs

Will a rug scratch or damage my floor?

A rug will only ruin your hardwood or vinyl flooring if it isn’t supported by a proper rug pad. 

Picking the right rug pad is almost as important as picking the right rug. A rug pad is a thin sheet of material that protects both the rug on top and the floor underneath. It creates friction with the floor to hold the rug in place, preventing skidding and slipping. 

If you’re adding a rug to a carpeted space, there’s less chance of damage, but it’s still worth investing in a rug pad to prolong the life of your carpet.

How should I clean my rug?

To avoid the high charges of a professional rug cleaning service, it’s worth learning how to clean an area rug yourself.  

For a quick, everyday clean, simply shake off any excess dirt and dust, and then lightly vacuum your rug. Give it a quick spritz with some antibacterial rug freshener, then hang out to dry. 

Most rugs can be deep cleaned with rug or carpet shampoo, or a solution of warm water and dish soap in a pinch.  

How should I choose the best rug for my space?

There’s no one way of decorating with rugs. With that said, here are a few tips and tricks. 

First, consider the space itself, and what you use it for. Runners work best in high-traffic zones like hallways, as they’re designed to pick up dirt before it spreads to other rooms. The right area rug can anchor larger spaces, such as living rooms and bigger bedrooms, while an accent rug can add interest to any space.

Then, consider your color palette, and what you want your rug to do. Rugs in neutral colors will blend beautifully into the background, while rugs with bright colors or bold patterns will make a statement.

If you’re refurbishing a room, you’ll want to brush up on the latest rug trends to make a feature of your floor. 

For everyone who wants to design around a rug, but just doesn’t know where to start, interiors tastemaker Tricia Guild has some tips for rugs and runners in interior design.

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