Western interior design is trending – here is everything we know about this rustic, covetable cowboy style

From cowboy-themed artwork to plaid, paneling, and prairie; Western-inspired decor is both eclectic and cozy

western interior design trend
(Image credit: HAM Interiors / Studio HAM / Photography Alexander James / Paloma Contreras / Photography Aimée Mazzenga)

From rustic cabins to modern prairie homes and sprawling ranches, Western interior design offers an old-age charm that invites warmth, coziness, and comfort to stay.

A design aesthetic very much in line with 2024's leading interior design trends, the Western style is both rugged yet refined and inspired by vast landscapes, raw beauty, and vintage Americana. So popular in fact that Pinterest is reporting a +145% rise in searches for 'vintage Americana' and 'Western gothic', and Western decor even gets a shoutout in Etsy's summer trend forecast. In short, it is most definitely trending.

But what makes this interior design style so appealing? Perhaps it's the cowboy paraphernalia, the earthy colors, or the equestrian accents. Or, maybe it is the rustic, lived-in cabin decor ideas that transport us to ranch-like spaces. We spoke to interior designers to find out why they love this style and their best tips for creating a nod to the West in your home. Saddle up.

What Is Western Interior Design?

panelled cabin with a gallery wall of western inspired rustic artwork including cowboys, bears, and fish

(Image credit: HAM Interiors / Studio HAM / Photography Alexander James)

Rooted in the rich heritage of the American West (aka the real Wild West), this interior design style embodies a deep affinity for adventure and the outdoors while still managing to infuse it with comfort and style.

Whether you're drawn to the rugged textures of weathered wood, the plush and cozy layering of textiles and prints, or the warm color palette, Western interiors offer a welcoming retreat.

white paneled living room with full glass back wall and nods to a western theme with accessories

(Image credit: Paloma Contreras / Photography Aimée Mazzenga)

In 2024, there's a new take on Western happening that doesn't require you to live in a rural cabin in Texas – but it still has that same pioneer spirit.

Western 2.0 sees nods to rural living in a more contemporary way, with slightly brighter color schemes that reflect a modern lifestyle. While Gen Z is all about Gothic Western, which is an edgier, moodier take on the trend as seen in the 2024 Pinterest Predicts list of trends; here at H&G, we're encouraging you to steer clear of the dark side.

To bring home the essence of the West, stick to earth tones, and natural materials (like reclaimed wood beams, leather, suede, and fringe) with nods to cabin style.

'Casual, mountain-appropriate materials reflect the locale, including the reclaimed wood coffee table, linens, and a tiered iron chandelier that draws your eyes up to the rafters and has the simplicity of the clean aesthetic we were aiming for,' explains Paloma Contreras who designed the space seen above. 'A pop of green is always so welcomed, especially in a neutral environment with a beautiful vista out the windows.'

neutral kitchen with paneled ceiling and a dark kitchen island with leather bar stools

(Image credit: YOND Interiors)

'There's no denying that western and cowboy-themed motifs are really having a moment right now,' observes interior designer Kathy Kuo. 'Bring this trend into your home in ways that are subtle and enduring, rather than an over-the-top yee-haw explosion,' she advises.

'I love the idea of adding touches like leather furnishings, reclaimed wood, and western accent colors like silver, turquoise, and terracotta for a look that gives a tip of the (cowboy) hat to recent trends, but doesn't oversaturate.'

red bathroom vanity with a stable door

(Image credit: HAM Interiors / Studio HAM / Photography Alexander James)

'We recently designed three bespoke cabins at Cove Valley, a 300-acre rewilding project deep in the heart of Devon's Exe Valley, here in the UK. The designs took inspiration from old American culture, the great outdoors, and the rural charm of ranch-style living,' says the team at HAM Interiors, whose shop, Studio HÁM, has recently launched a cabin collection with a series of artworks, handcrafted furniture, and accessories. 'Our designs often stem from our passion for the great outdoors, drawing on a palette of beautiful natural materials and marrying the beauty of the natural world with handcrafted pieces.'

This eclectic aesthetic cannot simply be achieved by propping a saddle in the corner and attaching horseshoes to every surface to achieve a Western style in your abode. Here, interior designers share their top ways to bring home some cowboy-style charm.

4 Ways To Introduce Western-Inspired Style Into Your Interiors

1. Refine your color palette

moody western inspired bedroom

(Image credit: Paloma Contreras)

Color trends are a key cornerstone in any design scheme, with most having a very clear-cut palette that defines that interior design style. With Western interiors, however, you can either create a light and bright scheme or lean a little more rustic and moody – it all depends on how bold you want to take the trend.

If you're feeling nervous about adding color to your space; start with a neutral palette like warm browns, sandy beiges, soft grays, and light blues for your walls and trim and add color with accessories, furniture, or paneling. Don't be afraid to then layer in rich colors of worn reds, grassy or olive greens, burnt sienna, and navy to pay homage to the Western landscapes.

The one rule? Stick to warmer hues that reflect the earth rather than cool tones.

2. Use rugged yet refined materials

rustic cabin with vintage upholstered armhair, brass scissor light and fishing accessories art

(Image credit: HAM Interiors / Studio HAM / Photography Alexander James)

To capture the essence of the Wild West in your home, it's essential to embrace materials that are both rugged and refined. Think of materials that age gracefully and tell a story, such as reclaimed wood, distressed leather, and natural stone, which are quintessential elements that embody the beauty of ranch living.

From rugged cowhide rugs to worn leather sofas and raw wood paneling, these old-age materials add an element of timeless luxury while still nodding to the rugged spirit of the aesthetic.

'To embrace Western decor, I like to maintain an elevated style while still celebrating the ruggedness of the great outdoors,' agrees Alexis Ring of Alexis Ring Interior Design. 'Rustic yet refined materials such as burlwood veneer and handstitched leather are sophisticated ways to create the warmth of a Western design scheme with elegance and style.'

'Natural wallcoverings also help to bring the essence of the wilderness inside,' adds Alexis. 'This coconut bark wallcovering [seen below] has a rich texture that gives the appearance of a finely weathered, green-washed wood.'

Nailing that touch of southern charm is easy if your home is already filled with warm tones, all you need is some rugs, tapestries, and 'yeehaw' decor.

3. Accessorize with Western-inspired accents

burl wood shelving with cowboy inspired accessories and dark green rustic walls

(Image credit: Alexis Ring Interior Design / Photography John Merkl)

Accessories, accents, and decor pieces are what really make this design style. Think paintings or vintage-style photographs of horses, cattle, buffalo, horns and antlers, and even cowboy boots and a hat to give you a stronger Western vibe. Just don't overdo it to avoid the whole thing feeling too kitsch.

From antlers and animal hides to desert-inspired succulents and cacti, nature provides a lot of inspiration for Western interiors. Vintage saddles, weathered spurs, and antique horseshoes add a playful yet nostalgic touch to your scheme. You can really play around with pottery, texture, art, and wallcoverings, too.

'The finishing touches such as art and accessories are essential to bring the story of a room to life,' adds Alexis. 'Style the space with grounding details such as nature-inspired art, western accessories, or a well-curated book collection. The beauty in these details will add character and cohesiveness to your design.'

4. Layer textiles in mismatched prints and patterns

cabin style bedroom with bed skirt and cowboy painting

(Image credit: HAM Interiors / Studio HAM / Photography Alexander James)

One of the easiest, and coziest, nods to this trend is with textiles. Leather, suede, and Western-inspired, Native American patterns bring a flare to any room.

Don't be afraid to mix and match. Western interiors thrive on a sense of individuality, and layering textiles is the perfect way to achieve that effortlessly curated look. Think Pendleton-meets-Ralph Lauren for your fabrics and prints. You want some Navajo-style patterns, mixed with plaids and a few soft florals and stripes for a warmer, more homely take.

Drape a sheepskin rug over a leather armchair, pile kilim pillows on a suede sofa, or layer a Navajo blanket over a plaid throw. Alternatively, pairing rough-hewn textiles like denim and burlap with softer, more luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk creates a dynamic interplay of textures that feels thrown together. Handwoven blankets, embroidered pillows, and quilted throws will add warmth and comfort while also telling a story of heritage.

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Whether you're drawn to the rustic elegance of reclaimed wood, the vibrant hues of Navajo textiles, or the eclectic mix of patterns and textures, Western interiors offer endless possibilities for creating spaces that reflect your individual style and honor the Wild West.

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