These 5 playful trends will dominate home decor in 2024, according to trend forecasters at Pinterest

From kitschens to cafecore, these are the home decor trends to know about for 2024

yellow retro kitchen, coffee station, pink bootroom
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From how we decorate with color to embracing furniture inspired by bygone decades, how we choose to design our homes each year is shaped by the world around us and its wider cultural influences. 

Each year, Pinterest reveals these influences through its annual trend forecast, predicting the leading interior design trends for the year ahead by analyzing the most popular search terms on the social platform. 

So what does this mean for 2024? We spoke to Sydney Stanback, Global Trends and Insights Lead at Pinterest, to learn about its five predicted home decor trends for next year. In 2024, it's all about channeling personality through home decor ideas, and embracing vibrant and unique spaces, marking a shift away from more reserved interior styles. 

'Our home trends this year are really moving away from traditional home aesthetics into a more expressive and bold space,' explains Sydney.

1. Kitschens

vintage kitchen grandmillennial with vintage fridge, check tiles, butlers trolley, 50s style wallpaper

(Image credit: Emily Pertzborn/Madison Kim Poppen)

The first home decor trend revealed by Pinterest is all about channeling a 'kitsch' aesthetic in the kitchen. Embracing retro colors and playful design, kitchens in 2024 are predicted to be rooms full of character, as Sydney explains: 

'In 2024 we’re going to say goodbye to farmhouse kitchens, and hello to kitschy kitchens, or what we like to call kitschens. Next year, Gen X and Boomers, in particular, will elevate their kitchen designs and cooking areas with thrifted finds, vintage appliances, and eye-jarring pops of paint as they are looking for ‘eclectic kitchen decor’, ‘kitschy kitchens’, ‘retro pink kitchens’ and more.'

2. Hot metals

stainless steel kitchen

(Image credit: Future, Frenchie Cristo Gatin)

2024 will also see a move towards metals and decorating with silver in the home, creating a modern and industrial look. Pictured above, this trend can arguably most easily be created by opting for stainless steel kitchens. From the fridge to the countertops, you can incorporate as much or as little as you like of this sleek material.

'Specifically this year within the fashion space, we’re seeing a rise in cool silver tones,' says Sydney. 'We expect cool silver tones and bold chrome to continue to grow in 2024 and make a bold entry into the home category. Gen Z and Millennials on Pinterest are driving this heavy metal aesthetic while trading in neutral tones for this hardcore vibe.'

3. Cafecore

Coffee station with Dualit coffee maker

(Image credit: Dualit)

The rise of cafe culture will make its way into the home in the coming year, according to Pinterest, with homeowners dedicating parts of their kitchens to coffee bar essentials. 'In 2024 we see that Boomers and Gen X will bring the coffee shop vibe inside their homes with our ‘Cafecore’ trend,' says Sydney.

'This trend is so much more than just a coffee-maker or French press, people are trying to create a full cafe experience within their homes. They are looking for in-home cafe menus by searching for ‘cafe chalkboard’ ideas, and perfecting their coffee stations by searching for ‘coffee station decor’ to ‘coffee bar styling.’ Think of this as 2024’s version of the bar cart.'

4. Western Gothic

Western style entryway

(Image credit: Future)

Nods to Western design will continue to be embraced in home decor in 2024 but with a revised twist with gothic influences. 'It’s a mix of the Western elements of vintage Americana with deep, moody hues,' explains Sydney. 'Expect to see Gen Z and Boomers DIY in style with sultry touches, such as dark fringe and even darker paint. Searches are trending up for ‘Western bedding ideas’, ‘country room ideas’, ‘western gothic’, and more.'

5. Aquatecture

aquarium in a hallway with red chair and large plant

(Image credit: Future)

Lastly, and perhaps the most adventurous decor trend of them all, Pinterest has predicted that 2024 will see popularity around aquarium designs in the home. 'In 2024, the focus will shift to aquatic animals with our trend “Aquatecture”, but please note that this trend goes well beyond your average fish tank.'

'Next year, Gen X and Millennials will become undersea gardeners through building and incorporating these over-the-top aquarium designs in their homes. They will go all in on ‘small aquarium designs’ and over-the-top ‘turtle terrariums’. With this trend, aquatic architecture will become a new and unique way to style a home.'

To learn more about these bold home decor trends for 2024, you can read more at Pinterest Predicts

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