Coffee bar essentials: a barista-approved coffee nook

These barista-recommended coffee bar essentials will transform your kitchen into your own personal café. These are all the tools you need to unlock the perfect brew

Some coffee bar essentials in a white kitchen unit with drawers and shelf with a splashback of geometric patterned white, blue and grey, blue chair and marbled worktop, and blue and white patterned light shade.
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At home, we make space for our rituals. You have a breakfast bar for morning meals, a bathroom for relaxing baths, and if you're lucky, a gym for working out. I'm a firm believer that coffee - arguably the most important ritual of them all - also should have its own space too. 

You don't need much to make a coffee bar. You probably already own most of essentials, but a few flourishes will make all the difference. With a tray, canisters, and a chic set-up, you'll no longer have to relegate your best coffee makers to the dusty corners and cupboards in your kitchen. In fact, your caffeine station will be better than the set-ups at most cafés.

Even though I have a relatively small kitchen, as a former barista I simply let go of my  favorite coffee gadgets. For the sake of own sanity, I've created coffee station in my home. It's a neat space where I can keep best grinder, favorite coffee maker, espresso cups, cappuccino cups, and tastiest coffee beans (at Amazon)s. It's tidy, it's geeky, and – if I may say so myself – it's very chic too.

There are two aspects that you need to consider for a coffee bar. I'll give you the practicalities: the essential items you need in your coffee bar. Then, our interiors experts have written about how to design a coffee station in five simple steps. Armed with both of these, your favorite café just got a whole lot more local.

The Quick List

Further down, I'll give you options and explanations of what you need in your coffee bar and why you need it. I even explained the psychology behind your coffee mug. However, if you just want a quick list of the coffee bar bare necessities, here's everything you need.

Coffee Maker

An espresso machine pulling a double shot of espresso

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You won't go far at your coffee station without a coffee maker. Thankfully, I've tested the best (and the worst) on the market, so I can recommend which ones to invest in. Whether you want a French press for acidic brews, or an espresso machine for supercharged shots, I'll tell you which ones to invest in.

If choosing between each model has you stuck, I have written a guide to the different types of coffee makers. Once you've established which machine you need, you can get started on your caffeinated journey. 

These six coffee makers are my favorites. There's something for everyone. The Philips 3200 Series is an independent and competent machine; the Breville Bambino Plus is every barista's dream; and the Espro P7 French Press takes everything back to basics.

Coffee Grinder

A flat burr coffee grinder interior

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Experts are unanimous in saying that the fresher coffee is, the better it will taste. With that information in grind - sorry - you'll need some good quality coffee beans and an expert grinder.

It doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, Alex Spampinato, the barista trainer who I mentioned earlier, has been using the Breville model for 12 years. He said 'there are plenty of geeky, techy models on the market, but what you really need is a good quality burr grinder. You can pay more than $200, but you won't notice the difference'. 

I've tested the best models on the market, from manual to electric, and these are the ones that I would recommend.