I'm a barista – these are the best cappuccino cups you can buy

The best cappuccino cups are coffee station essentials. From large, to tall, to insulated, our barista has found the best for every kind of cappuccino drinker

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The best cappuccino is worthy of the best cappuccino cup. It should look beautiful, retain heat well, and be comfortable to hold. They come in all shapes and sizes, suitable for a range of cappuccino connoisuers.

There are a range of essentials to consider when crafting a home coffee station, cappuccino cups and espresso cups sit at the top of the list. Once you've got a good coffee maker, you will want to invest in the best mugs to match it.

As a barista, I'm obsessive about the cups I drink my cappuccino from: too small and you won't get to enjoy the deep froth, too large and you won't enjoy the full effects of your drink. The perfect mug will balance froth and coffee, resulting in a superb, rather than a sip-standard coffee.

If you've already got the perfect set of espresso cups, there's no excuse not to have the best cappuccino cup too. I've researched the best cappuccino cups for a range of coffee drinkers. Whether you're looking for insulation, capacity, or a matching set, these are all you need.

Best cappuccino cups 2024

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What material should my cappuccino cup be made of?

Ceramic or porcelain are the best options for cappuccino cups, because they're durable and insulating. Double-walled glass will do the same job, but will require more maintenance. You could also use bone china, but it's very delicate.

What is the difference between a latte and cappuccino cup?

Cappuccino cups are smaller than latte cups and they tend to be wider. This is because cappuccinos have more foam, which tastes better in a thinner layer, because you can enjoy a balance of coffee and foam.

How many ounces should a cappuccino be?

Cappuccinos are normally around 6 fluid ounces, but the thick froth takes up a significant amount of room. It's good to use a cup with around 8 oz capacity to allow space for the froth.

Final thoughts

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Cappuccinos are made to be sipped and enjoyed, so investing in a good cup is essential. I like mugs which are almost too wide for me to properly cup, because they feel really comforting and are perfect if you want to use them for tea too.

On the other hand, tall cappuccino glasses can be really fun, especially  if you enjoy a finer layer of froth. It's always worth taking a step back to consider the aesthetics of your coffee station, because plenty of these come as sets with latte and espresso cups too.

How we test

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At Homes & Gardens we like to test every product before we recommend them. However, in the case of cappuccino mugs, we had to do our research instead. I read through hundreds of expert and customer reviews to find out exactly what people thought of them. If there's an element you need to consider or be aware of, I made sure to know about it. If you'd like to find out more about how we test, we have more details on our dedicated page.

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